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Some Pertinent Medical Terms (including Nursing Terms) from A to Z and Their Meaning

 Medical Term



 Obsession with washing/bathing

 Ad libitum (ad lib.)

 To the desired amount


 Obsessive love of cats




 Loss of appetite


 Extreme love of flowers

 Ante cibum (a.c.)

 Before food


 Surgical removal of appendix


 Vermiform appendix of the colon


 Fear of failure


 Fear of flying


 Anything that kills bacteria


 Anything that inhibits growth of bacteria

 Bis in die (b.d.)

 Twice a day




 Slow heart beat


 Disease due to bacteria brucella


 Compulsion for grinding teeth


 Abnormal increase in appetite


 Cancer of epithelium tissue


 Pain in the head




 Obsession with money




 Fear of confined spaces


 Collar bone


 Fear of cemeteries


 Pain in urinary bladder




 Painful or difficult menstruation


 Painful sexual intercourse (women)


 Difficult breathing


 Difficult labor


 Painful urination


 Extreme thinness




 Agent which induces vomiting




 Study of causes




 Medical slang for a fascinating case


 Tiredness or Weariness


 Thigh bone


 Gas formation (especially in the bowel)


 Death of body tissue


 Fear of crossing bridges




 Inflammation of tongue


 Growth of breast in male


 Bad breath


 Infestation with worms


 Vomiting blood


 Blood in urine


 Bleeding disease (genetic disorder)


 Coughing bloody sputum










 Relating to medicine or physician


 Caused by action of doctor/surgeon/therapy


 Negligent medical treatment


 Cause unknown

 In Vitro

 In a glass or outside of body

 In Vivo

 Within living body


 Extreme restlessness of ill patient


Conjoined twins with head fused & opp. faces

 Junk DNA

 Noncoding regions of DNA with no function


 Near a joint


Chromosomal constitution & cell arrangement


 Inflammation of cornea


 Compulsion to shout


 Obsession to steal


 Humped back


 Obsessive love of vegetables


 Talking excessively


 Washing of cavity


 Blood cancer


 Fear of childbirth


 Obsessive love of computers


 Pain in breast


 First menstruation


 Heavy menstrual bleeding



 Myocardial Infarction

 Heart attack


 Compulsion to tell lies, exaggerate




 Fear of disease or falling ill


 Obsessive love of nights


 Excessive sexual desire/behaviour in females


 Obsession with wine


 Scanty menstrual bleeding or infrequent    menstruation

 Omni mane (o.m.)

 Every morning

 Omni nocte (o.n.)

 Every night


 Study of tumors


 Fear of snakes


 Fear of odors


 Infestation with lice


 Fear of ghosts


 Morbid Fear

 Post cibum (p.c.)

 After Food



 Pro re nata (p.r.n.)

 Whenever necessary




 Producing pus




 Paralysis involving 4 limbs

 Quater in die(q.i.d.)

 4 times a day

 Quarter quaque hora   (q.q.h.)

Every 4 hours


 Inflammation of tonsil with abscess


 Recurring everyday


 Cracks in skin esp. around mouth


 Fear of developing wrinkles

 Rovsing’s sign

 Test for acute appendicitis where pressure in      left iliac fossa causes pain in right side


 German measles


 Malignancy of connective tissue


 Excessive sexual desire/behaviour in males



 Si opus sit (s.o.s.)

 If necessary


 Obsession with food


 Sleep walking

 Statim (stat.)

 At once


 Excess fat in the buttocks


 Abnormal narrowing of an opening



 Surrogate mother

 A mother who carries a fetus for another


 Rapid heartbeat

 Ter in die (t.i.d.)

 3 times a day




 Blood clot


 Cancer of gums




 Inflammation of urethra




 Inflammation of uvula




 Dilated or swollen

 Vicarious menstruation

 Bleeding from organ like nose or eyes other than uterine cavity during expected monthly period


 Fear of step-father


 Female external genital organs

 Weber test

 A test for hearing


 A small sebaceous cyst

 Wilms tumor

 A cancer of kidney in childhood

 Wilson disease

 An inherited disease with excessive copper


 Vision where all objects appear yellow


 Dryness of mouth


 Fear of razors


 A tropical skin infection


 A bacteria group causing plague & yersiniosis


 An element used as radioactive in treatment of some malignancy


 Obsessive love of jealousy


 Animal disease transmissible to human


 A type of herpes


 A fertilized egg