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About Dr. Jonah



Dr. Jonah David Stevenson has  a doctorate degree-PhD- in Anthropology. His specialization is in Public Health and Nutrition. He has worked as Assistant Professor in colleges (including Nursing colleges & Nursing schools) and in universities. He counseled and advised people from all walks of  life. Currently, he lives in Canada.

He can also play music by ear.

He has accomplished the following:

1. Author of  3 books 

2. Author and Manager of, which is an online encyclopedia

3. Artist  of  2  music CD  albums 

4. Artist of 1  music  DVD  album

5. Directed  & acted in a movie  'Back from Hell'

6. Presented research papers & published research articles in various journals 




The following is a foreword for one of his books:



        Dr. Jonah David Stevenson has high moral values, high academic standards, sound professional ethics and a humanitarian orientation.  He keeps abreast with different problems of life and is committed to solve problems effectively and positively.  Though he is an assistant professor at university level, he has counselled many people from different walks of life and from all age groups regarding the solutions to their problems.  He has aided in solving or mitigating their problems through his counsel.

        He has lectured to the students at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree levels. He lectures profoundly and profusely on various subjects without any notes.  This is an indication of how knowledgeable he is in a wide range of areas.  His concern for society with regards to health and socio-economic problems, and his effectiveness with teaching and dealing with others make him a scholar worthy of emulation.  He is also actively engaged in many community programs.

        I have no doubt that this book, Dr. Jonah Stevensons Solutions to A to Z Problems in Life that he has authored, is one of the best of all time.  In this age when various problems are besetting people all around, it is significant that we use this book to help solve our problems in life.

 Dr. C.J. Thomas

Author & Professor

Northern Caribbean University

Jamaica, West Indies