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A story that reveals all the characteristics of untrue love and will help you to find true love. Please read or you may regret! 


Jonah Stevenson, Ph.D. 

ISBN 976-8171-68-5

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, photocopied or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author. However, quotes from this book can be used for speeches and dissertations as long as reference is given.


When someone says romantically, "I love you," how does one know if those words came directly from the heart or just from the lips?  How do we decipher the meaning of those three beautiful words? A few unscrupulous guys say ‘I love you' to their girlfriends to only have sex with them.

There is true and untrue love.  Sometimes love starts truly but eventually gets diluted and vaporises.  Everyone should know the truth of a real and true love.  On the other hand, they should be aware of the truth of untrue love.  There are many signals and indications that could be seen or observed which can reveal if that love and romantic relationship is untrue.  The author exposes those signs and indications of untrue love in the novel. God should be in the centre of a relationship.  After you read and digest this novel, you will discern who truly loves you or whom you should choose to really fall in love.  This book will help you also to get out of untrue love before it is too late.

Jonah David Stevenson




  • 1. Room No. 6 in Girls' Dorm
  • 2. The Classroom and Cafeteria
  • 3. Lies, Drugs and Boyfriends
  • 4. The Novel about the Serial Killer
  • 5. Romance, Flirting and Consequences  
  • 6. The Suicide
  • 7. Triangular Love
  • 8. Love for Money
  • 9. Broken Promises
  • 10. The Murder
  • 11. Promiscuity, HIV and AIDS
  • 12. Repaying Hate with Lasting Love  

Chapter 1

Room No. 6 in Girls' Dorm


The cell-phone rings.  Sally picks up the cell-phone, which is on the bed.

"Hello, who is this?" answered Sally. 

"This is Oliver!" 

"I told you not to call me," yelled Sally. 

"Sorry!  Even in anger, your voice sounds like music to my ears!" 

"Enough of your flattery!  What the heck do you want?" 

"Please tell me those three sweet words which will solve all my problems," whispered Oliver.

Of course, Sally knew that Oliver had a crush on her and the three words he wanted to hear were, ‘I love you.' But Sally did not have even an iota of love for him. 

"I am not going to say those words and don't waste my time," replied Sally.

"I beg you, please, please, say those three words which will solve all my problems in my life." 

"I am not saying them!" 

"Please don't break my heart.  Your three words will solve all my problems in my life."

Finally, Sally did say three words, which could also solve all problems in Oliver's life.  She shouted in the cell phone these three words, "Go hang yourself" and abruptly switched off the cell phone.

Sally was beautiful. She was 15 years old. Her hair was like shiny threads woven to a head of a silver princess. She had an hourglass shaped body. If she were living in Cleopatra's time and place, then Cleopatra would have had a heart attack! She could be any male's heartthrob.

After sometime, Cynthia and Fiona barged into the room after taking shower in the bathrooms. The girls' dorm had common bathrooms and toilets.

"I hate this dorm life!" snarled Cynthia. 

"Why?" asked Sally. 

"I saw a rat on the toilet seat." 

"Maybe you gave birth to it." 

"You shut up!" 

Fiona, who was drying her hair with a towel, added her complaints.

"This dorm is worse than hell!" 

"How do you know? Have you been there?" enquired Sally sarcastically.

"Don't irritate me by your talk or else you will bring the devil out of me."  

"You are already one! You don't have to bring the devil out!" retorted Sally and ran out of the room.

Sally, Cynthia and Fiona were all roommates.  Cynthia and Fiona were also 15 years old. The fourth roommate was Judy and she was 16 years of age. Judy went to church that day. They all lived in Room No.6 in the girls' dorm in their High School campus. The school was located at the foot of a very beautiful hill. It had a lot of trees.

But definitely Room No.6 was not in the good books of their dean Nora. According to the dean Nora, Room No.6 was always a problematic room. With the exception of Judy, they were always troubling not only her, but also the other girls in the dorm.  They were thorns in the flesh of the whole school.

The ambitions of these girls were diverse. Cynthia desired to be a film star in Hollywood. She always had male photo books under her pillow.  Sally, of course, wanted to be a great person in the society.  She really did not decide what exactly she wanted to be, but she wanted to be famous. Fiona was a girl who was easily influenced by others.  If somebody advised her to be a medical doctor, then she would plan to be one. If somebody else told her that she wouldn't make a good doctor, but could be a good teacher, then she would decide to be a teacher. If someone else articulated that she would not make a good teacher, but a good singer, consequently Fiona would try to sing even when the donkeys were braying near their school farm, to support her singing. If anybody advised her to read any type of book, she would read because she didn't have really a personality of her own. Cynthia liked to read novels too and always there were different novels under her bed.

However, Judy was like a square peg in a round hole.  She was quite religious. She used to always have a Bible under her pillow, and she always talked about spiritual matters. She didn't bother so much about the worldly affairs. Since Judy was so different from Fiona, Cynthia and Sally, she was the butt of their jokes.

Judy came to the room about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. When she came to the room, Cynthia addressed Judy saying, "Hi, holy cow!"

"Don't say that," replied Judy.

"Why shouldn't I?"

"No, you shouldn't say that because I am not trying to act holy."

Then Fiona added saying, "No, you are a holy cow. You think you will only go to heaven and no body else."

"I never told that I would go to heaven and you won't go to heaven. Now stop pulling my legs," replied Judy.

Suddenly, Sally came running into the room and shouted, "You know what's the news?"

"Don't keep us in suspense! Say it!" said Fiona.

"You know Terry and Diane were caught by the dean in their wonderful acts?"

"What are those wonderful acts," asked Judy.

Sally didn't say anything.

"Why are you keeping us in suspense as if this is a thriller movie?" remarked Fiona. Sally replied saying, "The wonderful acts are lesbian acts.  Terry and Diane are lesbians and they cannot live without each other.  The dean asked them to move into separate rooms but they refused." 

"How does the dean know that Diane and Terry were engaged in lesbian acts?" asked Cynthia.

"Oh, the right hand of dean is Julie. She photographed them in their acts."

"So sickening! What's wrong with these girls! Why should they be involved in lesbian acts when there are so many boys in the school? They can get friendly with one of them.  These girls are all crazy!" shouted Cynthia.

"This problem is not only in our dorm, but there is homosexuality also in the boys' dorm," reported Fiona.

Cynthia anxiously shouted, "Who are the homosexuals in the boys' dorm?"

"Bill and George are homosexuals in the boys' dorm," said Fiona and all of them started laughing except Judy.

Judy soberly expressed saying, "Why should we laugh at these homosexuals and lesbians? You know when individuals give their lives or allow their lives to be controlled by Satan; they can be involved in any sexual perversion. We should pray for them. When these lesbians and homosexuals give their lives to the control of God, then He can change them and they can become straight."

"Enough of your preaching!" yelled Sally. "We don't want your sermons here."

Then they all stopped talking. After sometime they all took a nap.

Each girl had their posters stuck on the wall above their beds. Fiona had the poster of Tom Cruise. Sally had the poster of Back Street Boys, whereas Cynthia had that of Pete Sampras. Judy kept the picture of an angel guarding a little child.

From time to time Cynthia and Sally made fun of Judy for keeping a religious picture and not keeping a picture of any movie star or celebrity. Sometimes, they purposely tore down her poster to the ground. Judy without any complaints she would put the poster up again.

In fact, the poster of the angel guarding the child was a recent one. The previous poster was that of a praying child, which was disfigured. Apparently, it was done by Cynthia and Sally, but Judy did not know it.  Sally craved to always make Judy the butt of her jokes inasmuch as she did not like the religious behaviour of Judy. She disliked persons who were religious or spiritual.

It was 8 p.m. The girls had eaten their supper. They were busy doing their assignments. Cynthia had to do the assignment of her biology class, though she didn't like biology. The course was taught by Arnold. As she was going through the notes taught by Arnold, she desired to pretend like Arnold and imitate how he taught. Hence she got up and started imitating like Arnold. "Students take your seats! I don't want anybody to make noise," she said in bass voice. She was pretending to write on the wall as if it was a blackboard. Normally, Arnold writes with his right hand and he keeps pulling his trousers up with his left hand. Therefore, as Cynthia was pretending to write on the wall she was pulling her nightgown up. Fiona uttered saying, "I want to imitate Jim our math teacher." And she did imitate him. Again, Cynthia imitated Oliver, their classmate, who always asked for dates and was refused.

Soon Sally was imitating their dean Nora.

"Look! It is not good imitating our dean," said Judy.

Sally shot back saying, "You shut up!

Don't interfere! Mind your own business!"

Judy kept cool. Sally took Fiona and went out of the room. They were talking softly in the lobby. Sally knew that at mid night Judy used to get up and go to the toilet to urinate. So Sally asked the help of Fiona to scare Judy. The plan was that Sally would dress up like a devil. She would have long black hair, blacken the face and wear a long white robe. Fiona would hide near one of the bathrooms and make eerie sounds to scare Judy.

However, Fiona suggested that Sally should wear a frightening mask instead. So Sally agreed. Hence, the two decided they are going to scare Judy that same night. It was about ten o'clock in the night. Judy prayed before she slept. After an hour, Fiona and Sally got up and put some pillows under the bed sheets to make believe that they were sleeping. The two went to the common toilets according to their plan. Judy got up about 1 o'clock in the night and went to the toilet. Before she could urinate she heard eerie sounds. Oow! Ooow! Ooooow! And afterwards she heard Meow! Meow! Meow! Then again she heard Oow! Ooow! Oooow! She got very scared. As a matter of fact, she could not urinate because of the sounds. Later different sounds were heard.  "Skicce! Skicce! Skeccee! Skeccee!"

Abruptly from nowhere, a hand came up and threw open the toilet door. Lo and behold! A devil was standing right in front of Judy. Judy screamed at the top of her voice shouting, "Devil! Devil! Devil!"

But it was in the middle of the night. Girls were fast asleep. No one came to help her. Judy was trembling to death. After sometime Judy gathered some courage and shouted saying, "Devil get lost."

But this devil did not go. ."Get thee behind me Satan!" said Judy. But there was no response from the devil.

Eventually the devil walked away. In fact Judy couldn't complete the act for which she came. Her bladder muscles went into spasm.  And she went crying back to the room. .

About 6 a.m. many girls went to the bathrooms to do their daily morning chores, whereas Judy continued to sleep. Sally and Fiona told the Joke to Cynthia and they burst into laughter. Judy did not know it was the work of Sally and Fiona.

Later, Judy did know it was the work of Sally and Fiona, as Cynthia could not keep the secret. She told Judy that it was Sally who came as the devil to frighten her. However, the goal of Sally was that every target of her jests would be at the expense of Judy because she hated her.

It was time to go to school and everybody went to school except Sally. As a matter of fact, Fiona asked Sally why she was not coming to class.

"I hate these rules and regulations and am sick of them!" replied Sally.

"Why do you hate rules and regulations?" enquired Fiona.

"Because I don't want anybody to tell me what to do."

"How come nobody should tell you what to do?"

Sally simply told her that she hated rules and regulations because from childhood her teachers used to tell her, "Don't do this! Don't do that!" Due to this she hated rules. Any way, Fiona went to school while Sally went back to sleep. Sally was soon fast asleep because in the night she was busy trying to prepare herself as the devil to frighten Judy.

As dean Nora was making rounds in the dorm, she had an intuition that Sally did not go to school. Thus, she knocked at the door and there was no reply. She banged the door and finally Sally opened the door. Dean was so upset.

"Tell me a good reason why you didn't go to school. If not, I'll take a stern action against you!" shouted the dean.

Sally, then immediately, pretended to be sick and she was acting as if she had severe pain and cramps because of dysmenorrhea.

"I have severe pain and cramps," answered Sally.

"Come on! I don't believe it! You are only pretending to be sick."

"What do you know about my problems? I'm suffering from painful menstruation."

The dean knew that she was lying because ten days ago, Sally alleged that she had painful menstruation. The dean wondered how could Sally have another menstruation within ten days.

"Is something wrong with you? Every girl usually has menstruation once a month, and how is that you have 2 monthly periods within ten days?" remarked the dean.

Sally put her head down and could not answer the question.

"Sally, why do you tell lies? If you want to tell lies, then do so intelligently or else others would think that you are a big fool," advised the dean.

"I won't do it again."

Then as the dean was talking to her, she saw the mask of the devil with the long hair and the white robe lying in a corner. "This is not the Halloween time! Why is this mask around?" asked the dean.

"I just, just, just don't, don't, don't know why it is there," stammered Sally.

"Come on! Don't tell another lie! Why is it there?"

"It belongs to Fiona."

The dean wanted to cut short the whole conversation, and told Sally that she would enquire from Fiona to know the truth.

Before leaving the dean warned Sally saying, "Don't repeat this bunking of classes again! This is the last warning!"

"Okay," said Sally.

Of course she had many last warnings in the past. 

Sally was preparing to sleep again when suddenly a small lizard came into the room. Sally got a diabolic idea. She thought that she could catch this lizard and put it into the pillowcase of Judy. When Judy puts her head on the pillow and prays, the lizard will slither out and will scare the hell out of Judy. Therefore, she took a small stick and hit the lizard softly, and took it and placed it inside the pillowcase of Judy. Sally thought to herself that it would be the climax of her jokes against Judy. She contemplated that when Judy gets shock of her life because of the lizard, then she would decide not to pray for the rest of her life. 

Why did Sally go to the extent of putting lizard into the pillowcase of Judy and make her life miserable? It was because all the students in the class used to praise the character of Judy. The beauty of Sally was no match to the beautiful character of Judy. The teachers used to praise the wisdom of Judy. Many boys liked Judy and they used to ask her for a date.  Of course Judy used to turn down all the requests for dates. Sally could not stand the popularity of Judy and the praises, which she received. Sally reasoned she was the most beautiful girl in the school. Yet when everybody praised Judy she thought that she was a thorn in her flesh. Sally decided to remove this thorn by harassing and torturing Judy.

Sally did not realise that character was important. She didn't know that beauty is skin deep whereas character is bone deep. Beauty lasts as long as grass on the ground of a man's life, but character lasts as long as pines in the forest of mankind.


Chapter 2

The Classroom and Cafeteria

It was already decided by Cynthia and all her friends that day, that they were going to make fun of their biology teacher Arnold. Arnold was a teacher who gives too much of assignments and was miserly in giving grades. No student would get any A in his class. The highest grade he would give was a B. Therefore, Cynthia pepped up other students to take some kind of revenge against Arnold. It was Cynthia who had given the idea how to take revenge against the teacher. The idea was they are going to make fun of Arnold in such a manner that he would be thoroughly embarrassed. Arnold was a bachelor, and they decided to poke fun at his bachelor-hood. The jest was well planned.

Whenever Arnold came to the classroom, the first thing he did was to take the attendance register of the students and call out the names. That morning, when Arnold opened the attendance register to call out the names of the students, he discovered a small note. In the note it was written, "The girl with a yellow ribbon on her hair desires to have a date with you today." When Arnold read this note he was curious to know which girl was wearing the yellow ribbon on her hair. However, he could not see the yellow ribbon from where he was standing. He needed to go to the back of the classroom to see which girl was wearing it. He could not help himself with the curiosity to know which girl wanted to date him. So he quickly scribbled the functions of the human blood. 

"Students, these notes are very important for your final examination. Hence everybody should write these functions," he ordered.

"Sir, will all the functions be asked in the exam?" enquired Fiona.

Arnold was so crazy to find out which girl was wearing the yellow ribbon so he asked Fiona not to ask such foolish questions since every function was important. As the students were writing, he slowly crept behind the students to check which girl was wearing the yellow ribbon. By the way, there were thirty girls in the class. When Arnold looked at the hair of the thirty girls, he got a bolt from the blue because all the thirty girls were wearing yellow ribbons. This was a cruel joke on Arnold because apparently all the thirty girls were not asking for a date with him. He realised that these girls played a cunning joke on him. However, he got over the embarrassment and continued the class.

The next class was history class. The teacher for history was William. Most students did not like history class because it was full of dates, wars and events. Many students could not grasp these dates and were confused with the B.Cs and A.Ds. They could not understand and remember these dates. To worsen the situation, on that day a test was scheduled. Fiona was feeling sleepy during the test because she was busy trying to scare Judy with the devil episode. And she was not prepared for the test either. By the way, Cynthia was prepared for the test.

Basically the history test was true and false questions. Cynthia and Fiona had mastered the art of cheating in the examination. If the question were true whoever knew the answer would lift the hand and put it on the head. If the hand was on the head that means the answer is true. If the same student put the hand under the chin the answer is false. However, the student had to gesture the number of the particular question. For example, if a student wants to know the answer of question number four (#4), the student would show four fingers. If the intelligent student puts her hand on the head the answer is true, and if she puts her hand under the chin it means false. Of course these gestures would be shown when the teacher is not looking. Fiona hardly knew any of the answers. The first question was,  ‘Adolf Hitler started the World War 1.' Fiona bravely circled the word ‘true' for this question, thinking Hitler definitely was the cause of World War 1. But the actual truth was the answer was false. The second question was, ‘Napoleon Bonaparte died on April 30, 1945.' This question was highly confusing to her, therefore, Fiona showed two fingers to Cynthia. She put her hand under the chin and apparently that answer is false. Therefore, Cynthia signalled the correct answer. The teacher, William, was just sitting and sometimes walking up and down not realising why Cynthia was putting her hand on the head or under the chin. In fact, most of the answers were signalled to Fiona and others by Cynthia, because Cynthia had studied. When William saw Cynthia often putting her hand on the head, he went and questioned her.

"Cynthia, are you having a head ache?"


"Why are you putting your hand on your head so often?"

"That's my habit!"

"I don't think so. During history class, I don't see your hand on the head, but during this test you are having the hand on the head or under the chin."

"Oh, its nothing to be worried about."

Any way, most of the answers Fiona answered through the help of Cynthia by sign language, which the teacher did not find out. By the way, Judy knew that her roommates were cheating the test. She knew that when Cynthia put her hand on the head it was true, and when the hand was under the chin it was false. But she did not poke her nose into their affairs. But she didn't do the test well because of the devil episode, which she had experienced in the toilet.

When the test was over, the next class was English Literature. But the students did not like English Literature so much. The only thing which they liked was Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare. Shirley the teacher was going to make the students to read McBeth. It was the turn of Oliver. When he got up to read the portions of McBeth, Ted, 16, placed a bubble gum on the seat. After Oliver read, he sat down not knowing that there was bubble gum on his seat. Later, Oliver got up to ask a question but he was having difficulty to get up, because something was sticking between his trousers and the chair. Soon he realised it was a bubble gum. He knew that Ted placed it. He was annoyed because the girls were laughing. So he looked at Ted and shouted saying, "You moron, why the hell did you put the bubble gum on my seat?"

"You shut up! How do you know that I put the bubble gum?"

"I know for sure that you put the bubble gum."

And before the teacher could do anything they got into blows, and Oliver was completely beaten up by Ted. Now Oliver was always target of jokes, because he had no girlfriend and people were making fun of him. And he had absolutely nothing to say because everybody was making fun. But in his mind he was harbouring hatred and he wanted to definitely take an action on certain boys because they were always torturing him.

Some of the students dreaded the next class, which was chemistry. Half the class was actually sleeping and the students at the back were writing some small slips of paper and exchanging them. This was how the class was spent.

After two weeks, the school was getting ready for the talent program. Everybody craved to show off his or her talents. Tom was sure he was going to win the first prize in singing and Cynthia in acting. Sally imagined that definitely she would get a prize in fashion show. Judy was a good singer, but she didn't brag about it. And everybody made fun of Oliver that he would never even win a consolation prize in any category. In fact, they thought he had no talent.

Finally the day arrived for the talent program. When everybody was busy watching the talent program, suddenly from the back they heard a burst of gunfire. It was Oliver with a semi automatic gun and he was firing bullets in the air. His main goal was to kill Ted, because he was always harassing and torturing him. With hatred in his eyes, he shot five bullets into Ted's chest, and instantly he died.  Next Oliver was searching for Scot, because he was another student who was constantly irritating him. When he found Scot, he shot him right in the head and like a pack of cards he fell down and died. The principal, teachers and students fled away because he was loaded with a semi automatic gun. Nobody had the guts to intervene. However, out of nowhere Judy appeared. She went straight in front of Oliver.

"Oliver, before you shoot the third guy to death, why don't you kill me?" pleaded Judy.

"I don't care for the principal! I don't care for any teacher! I don't care for anybody! I just care for you, Judy! Many times, when students teased me, and when they harassed me, you are the one who intervened. You advised others not to harass me and were always protective of me, so I will never shoot you! But you just move I want to kill some other boys who made my life a hell. Guns have power to silence the hatred against the weak and rejected," thundered Oliver.

But Judy wouldn't let him kill anybody with his gun. Judy went closer and closer and held the gun and pleaded him saying, "Please don't shoot! If ever you want to kill anyone let me be the one. Guns have only power in the hands of right persons who usually protect the citizens. "

Oliver did not have the stomach to pull the trigger on Judy. He answered Judy saying, "I love you and respect you for all the care you have shown me."

"If you love me and want to repay the concern and the care, which I have shown you, please hand me your gun."

Without saying a word Oliver handed the gun to Judy. The principal had already called 911. A little later the cops had arrived.

The talent program was held in the cafeteria because it could accommodate a large audience, so the cafeteria was flowing with blood. This cafeteria was always the place where Oliver was taunted. It was here when Oliver stood in the line to collect his food, that Ted and Scot bullied him. It was here again when he left his food on the table and went to talk to someone, Ted would steal his sandwich, and Scot would bite on his food items and leave the other half. So cafeteria was a place where it was hell for Oliver. He never disclosed to anybody that he was planning to shoot some of the boys who bullied him. He desired to teach a lesson to all these guys that everybody have the right to live peacefully.

When the police arrested Oliver they did tell him of his rights. But they asked him one question which was "Why did he do what he did?"

"Many boys have made my life a hell. It is a jungle out here. There is hatred against the weak and the unfortunate. Therefore, I decided to teach a lesson to these morons who bully others all the time," answered Oliver without any regrets.

"That doesn't mean you should take law into your own hands to kill someone," replied a cop.

"Well! What I did would deter or would make others not to hate and bully others. If there were prayer and teaching of the Holy Bible then there would be no bullying and hatred in schools. Then  there would be no gun shootings," remarked Oliver.

The police took away Oliver. The whole school was in mourning due to the deaths of Ted and Scot. The principal realised it was too late. He thought that what Oliver told the cops was actually true. If there were prayer and teaching of the Bible then there would be no hatred among the students. But how could he conduct prayer and teaching of the Bible in this High School, when the government had banned them. He reasoned it was high time that prayer and teaching of the Bible should be brought back to public schools to prevent gun shootings and sexual immorality. Or else public schools could be like hell. 


Chapter 3

Lies, Drugs and Boyfriends


Three months were past after the shooting of Ted and Scot by Oliver. The students could not forget the gun-shooting episode.

And Judy did not forget what a fright she got when she saw the lizard coming out of the pillow three months ago. She really knew that was the act of Sally, because Sally was always after her to make her life miserable. Three months did not make Sally to forget what sadistic pleasure she got by making Judy's life a hell. She didn't forget how she frightened Judy out of her wits in the toilet and how she hid the lizard in her pillowcase.

Most of the boys in the school would go crazy for Judy. They all loved Judy. She was charming and intelligent. Many boys would be more than happy if they got a date from her. However, she was reluctant to have any dates. Sally's goal was to go any extent to tarnish the image of Judy. She would stoop down to any level to tell lies about Judy.

One day, when Sally went to the classroom, Tom called her and whispered saying, "Can you help me to get friendly with Judy? I want to make her my girlfriend at any cost."

"Are you crazy? You don't know about Judy," answered Sally.

"What is the thing you want me to know about Judy?" enquired Tom.

"What are you talking about one thing? There are many things you should know about Judy."

"Say like what?"

"Oh Judy doesn't take bath daily. She is dirty! She suffers from halitosis."

"Come on don't tell lies! I don't think she suffers from halitosis."

"Do you know better than I do? I am her roommate, and I know everything about her."

Sally told all these lies just to tarnish the image of Judy. Judy was not rich and she did not have many clothes as Sally did. Sometimes even without boys enquiring about Judy, Sally would make up lies and tell against her, so that Judy would not be popular. The actual objective of Sally was if she would character assassinate Judy, then all the boys would not fall in love with her. And they would fall in love with Sally. But actually, those plans were not really working because many boys were not after Sally. Although those plans were not fully working, she was undeterred and went to any level to talk evil against Judy.

In the boys' dorm, there was a guy Dennis, 15, who was a pathological liar. Another problem of Dennis was he suffered from coprolalia. Coprolalia is an obsession to use bad words and vulgar language. He used to tell his friends that his father owned a very big steel company. Actually his father was just an ordinary worker in a steel company. He talked as if he possessed anything that his friends desired to possess.

One morning, Dennis was talking to his friends that he had driven many cars. As a matter of fact, he never even once drove a car.

"Dennis, did you drive a Honda car?" enquired Fiona.


"Did you drive a Mercedes car?" asked Tom.


"I may believe you have driven Honda and Mercedes. But I don't think you ever drove a Rolls Royce car," remarked Fiona.

Dennis immediately answered saying, "Nonsense! I drove Rolls Royce car with great speed on the high way, and I thought I was participating in a car race."

"Dennis, since you have driven many cars you must be knowing a lot about carburettor," enquired André.

Immediately Dennis answered saying, "Yes, carburettor is a very costly car! I drove that car too."

Right away all the listeners of Dennis laughed, and Dennis wanted to know why they were laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" asked Dennis angrily.

Then André answered saying, "Now the cat is out of the bag. You do not know anything about cars. Carburettor is not a car, but it is a small gadget in the engine of a car."

And again everybody laughed. Dennis just put his head down and walked away.

Cynthia craved to be popular among the boys. She too would tell lies on other girls, to show to the boys that she is a good girl for whom all the boys should fight. When Sally came to know that Cynthia is trying to show herself as a good girl, she told the boys not to believe her. Sally also told that Cynthia, Fiona and Judy were not virgins. She claimed that she was the only virgin in the dorm. But as a matter of fact, Sally was not a virgin as she lost her virginity when she was just seven years old. The truth of the matter was that the only virgin in the girls' dorm was Judy. But this is how these girls spread lies all over the school, just to capture the boys' attention and admiration.

Fiona was head over heels for Cooper. Cooper, 15, was a tall guy with good looks.  She didn't really worry about his character or how good he was in studies. She just wanted a guy who is good looking. Therefore, she went and asked Cooper if she could have a date with him. However, Cooper was in his own world. He was a drug addict and every time he got a chance he took drugs. He was injecting himself with cocaine, and also using the pills ‘ecstasy.' Now Cooper wanted to definitely lure Fiona into this drug world. When Fiona approached and asked him whether she could date him, he thought in his mind, "Strike the iron while it is hot." 

"Are you really asking me for a date or do you want me to be your life partner?" Cooper asked her.

"I was so scared to ask you to be my life partner because I was not so sure in the first place if you would just be my date on Valentine's day," Fiona replied.

"Why do you want me to be your date on Valentine's day? Everyday can be a Valentine's day in our lives as long as you do what I say."

"What is that you want me to do?"

"Don't tell anyone and I will tell you what I want you to do for me."

"Sure go ahead and I won't tell anyone."

"If you truly love me, you must take drugs along with me!"

"I don't believe you take drugs. You must be kidding!"

"No, I'm not kidding!"

"You must be trying to fool me."

Now he got so angry and shouted at her saying, "I'm not fooling you."

"Sorry!" replied Fiona.

"Look! Do you love me?" asked Cooper.

"Yes, I love you!"

"If you love me, you have to take drugs."

Fiona did not answer and she was pondering. She was infatuated with him, but never did she realise he was a drug addict. Now she was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. She really did not know whether to take drugs or not.

"I love you but I can't take drugs," she said to Cooper.

"You don't know what you are missing. If you take drugs, every moment under the influence of drugs is like a Valentine's day," replied Cooper cunningly.

"If I take drugs would it make me happy?"


"Are you sure?"

"Are you puzzled?"

"What drugs do you take?"

I inject myself with cocaine and take ‘ecstasy' pills," answered Cooper.

Now Fiona was really confused and was in a dilemma. She really did not know what to do. She was very reluctant to take drugs, because she knew that if she takes drugs she would be an addict. And there would be no way that she could get out of these drugs.

 "I don't believe in taking these drugs," she said.

"Didn't you say I am the person you love?" asked Cooper.


"If you truly love me, you would do any thing for me. Am I not right?"

"Yes! I would do anything except taking drugs."

"No! You don't truly love me, because you don't want to do what I say. We should think alike and do alike. Nothing should separate us."

"Yes, nothing will separate us; but I want you to stop taking drugs, and we could be good partners for life."

"If you say you truly love me, you must take drugs."


"Get lost," roared Cooper and walked away.

She was really baffled and confused. She just did not know what to do. She went back to the dorm. She told the whole story to Judy.  "You'll do a fatal mistake if you choose drugs! Forget him and the drugs!" Judy advised Fiona.

 "I think you are jealous. You don't want me to get friendly to Cooper," she told Judy.

"Don't misunderstand me I'm not jealous. I just don't want you to take drugs."

 "Thanks for your advice," answered Fiona and went to sleep.

But Fiona could not sleep. She could never get a wink of sleep, as she was so confused. One thing she decided though, that was, at any cost she wanted Cooper to be her boyfriend. She did not want any other boy to be her boyfriend except Cooper. At 3:15 a.m. she decided that she would take drugs.

Next morning she phoned Cooper. "Darling Cooper, I love you," said Fiona sweetly.

"I hate to hear your voice. Anyway, tell me, are you going to do what I say?" answered Cooper.

"I am not only going to say what you do, but I'm going to do what you do. So bring that stuff, and teach me how to smoke it or how to take injection," whispered Fiona.

That afternoon she entered the cruel and unkind drug world. She was hooked up on drugs, and that was the beginning of all her troubles and sorrows.

After a month, there were tell tale signs that she was taking drugs, and her friends asked her about it. But she denied it flatly. She was scoring failing grades in class tests. She was always with Cooper or by herself. And she was having health problems. She was losing weight and becoming sick often.

The one major goal of Tom, 16, was how to make Judy his girlfriend. Tom was a big flirt. He would date and flirt with any girl. Many times he requested Judy to be his girl friend but Judy flatly refused. He didn't want to take ‘no' as an answer. He didn't want any girl to reject his proposal of love. Thus, he was thinking and planning how to capture Judy.

One day he received a card from Judy, asking him to be her date on Valentine's day. The card instructed that he should meet her in the city park at 5 p.m. on Valentine's day. He was so jubilant and excited. He was eagerly waiting for Valentine's day. Therefore, he was just counting seconds, minutes and hours for that great day. On Valentine's day, Tom went to the park by  4 p.m. wearing his best dress. He thought that he must have been dreaming, because Judy rejected his proposal so many times and how come he got a date from her at last. Of course, he brought some gifts with him to give her. At 5 p.m. Judy came to the park wearing a bright red dress. The bright red dress was matching with the roses in the park. "Judy, you are more prettier than these red roses! In fact these red roses are no match to your beauty. Your beauty has added more colour and flavour to this garden. 

They were hugging and talking about all the sweet nothings in the world. Soon time went flying. He wanted the time to stop so that their love could go on forever. They were hugging and kissing each other. On the adjacent bench in the park there was another couple. Every time Tom was kissing Judy the other man was talking loudly to his girlfriend. So Tom told him not to talk loudly. Tom noticed the man had an alarm clock. As Tom was kissing Judy, suddenly the alarm clock on the other bench started ringing, Kri Kee! Kri Kee! Kri Kee! The noise was so loud that Tom could not take it any more. He got up and took a step towards that man. But Tom fell down. In reality Tom fell out of his bed because it was a big dream! It was his alarm clock beside his pillow that woke him up. How he regretted it was a dream. It was in the dream that he was kissing Judy, and he felt sad because it was not real.

André had a deep crush on Sally. Actually Sally liked Tom and Tom liked Judy.

However, it was not the case to be, Judy didn't like Tom, and Tom really didn't like Sally. Where as André worked on a plan to somehow trap Sally and woo her to be his girlfriend. But Sally was not really giving in to make André her boy friend. Finally, André came up with a plan to lure Sally and be the proud boyfriend of Sally. And he put the plan to work on a Sunday evening.

 "I have proposed to you many times but you have turned me down. Anyway it is okay with me. But just fulfil one desire in my life," he told Sally.

"What is that?" asked Sally.

 "I want to take you out on a motorbike ride over the big hill to the theatre to see a movie. After that, I'll take you out for a dinner. That is all!"

"It's no big deal."

"If it is no big deal let us go this evening." She agreed. The same evening they went to the theatre and enjoyed watching a movie. After the film was over, he took her to the nearby restaurant and fed her with everything she craved for. "I won't get another opportunity like this. ‘Let me make hay while the sun shines,' " Sally was thinking to herself. She ordered the most expensive food in the restaurant. And André had to pay through his nose because he received a big bill. After eating, they sat for sometime in the cool open air in the night and talked. But they had to get back to their dorms by 10 o'clock in the night. Soon they started to return. Sally sat as a pillion rider and they were heading back to the school campus. As mentioned earlier, there was a big hill between the theatre and their school campus. In fact, the theatre and the restaurant were on a high altitude, whereas the school was way down the hill. André now was going down the hill very fast as if the motorbike's brakes had failed. Sally's heart jumped from her chest to the mouth. "Are you mad? We are going to die!" Sally shouted angrily.

"I've no problem dying as long as I die with you," André replied.

And the motorbike kept going faster and faster. Sally still got wild and was yelling, "Are you off your mind? We both are going to die!"

André thought in his mind, that this was the time to strike the iron while it is hot. And he prepared to execute his plan.  "If you tell me that you love me, then I'm going to stop the motorbike or else I'm prepared to die with you," he told her with a grin.

"You die man! I don't want to die!"

"So you know you are going to die with me now. We both are going to roll down the hill and break our bones and smash our skulls against the boulders and rocks." And he kept speeding down the hill.

 "Please stop! Please stop! I beg you please stop!" Sally screamed.

"No chance! You have to say you love me," he retorted.

So just to save her life she was angrily shouting, "I love you."

"No! Don't tell me angrily. Tell me with the sweetness in your voice."

How could she ever say it with sweetness when she was trembling for life? Her heart was beating nearly 220 times per minute. And immediately she tried to be as sweet as possible in her voice and whispered saying, "I love you." But André never let go of the golden opportunity.  "When we reach the foot of the hill you should not say, ‘I did not mean what I said.' Sally now you are going to say, ‘I will make André as my boyfriend for the rest of my life,' " André said.

"Okay, I will tell you later," replied Sally.

"No way! You have to tell me now. We have three fourth of the hill to cover! Therefore, say ‘André is my boyfriend for the rest of my life.' "

And she was so upset and had no choice. "Okay! André is my boyfriend for the rest of my life," she said.

"Are you sure? Are you telling me the truth that I am your boy friend for the rest of your life?"

But Sally was actually cursing André in her mind. "Yes! I'm telling you the truth."

"Do you truly love me?" he asked her again.

"Yes, I truly love you."

"Are you really meaning that I am your boyfriend for the rest of your life?"


"Would you change your mind when we reach the foot of the hill."

She was  silent.

"Tell me otherwise I am going to turn off the hill and we both are going to die," he remarked.

Eventually she found herself saying, "I won't change my mind when I reach the foot of the hill." Now André was so happy. When they reached the foot of the hill, she thought this guy was so smart, she decided to make André her boy friend.


Tom slowly realised that he was not successful in not making Judy his own. There were two other guys who were also interested in Judy. They were Dennis and Jeffery. Jeffery, 16, was a handsome guy. He was not a show-off and a liar like Dennis; he was not a flirt like Tom; he was not a drug addict like Cooper; and he was scared of even a cockroach, so there was no way he could carry a gun to shoot somebody like how Oliver did. Eventually, Judy made Jeffery her boy friend but their love affair was purely platonic. They would talk about education, and God. By the way, Jeffery was not really interested in God but he pretended to be very religious just to please Judy.

One fine day, when they were alone in the classroom he put his hand around her shoulder and slowly tried to touch her breasts. Immediately Judy took away the hand and shouted saying, "Jeffery behave yourself. This is not the time for all this nonsense. What you are planning to do, you could do after marriage."

"I am sorry," said Jeffery shamefully. But every time an opportunity arose he tried to physically handle her. Later, Jeffery told Judy something that annoyed her. "Look I want to have sex with you," said Jeffery.

 "If that is your goal and motive then forget me," Judy shouted.

"Look every time I said ‘I love you, l love you, l love you' I was just meaning I want to have sex with you, I want to have sex with you, I want to have sex with you."

"You are sick! When you say ‘I love you' it should not mean to have sex. Love is just not sex."

"If you don't give me sex I am going to break up with you."

"You are out of your mind. Waste no second! You are no longer my boyfriend!

And she left him forever.

Just like Jeffery many other boys wanted to be friendly with Judy just to have sex. She decided that there was no way they are going to have sex with her, because she pledged to Lord Jesus that she would be a virgin till the day of her wedding. It was a vow she decided not to break.

Cynthia was a different girl altogether. She just needed money. So she was looking for a rich boy to make him her boyfriend. The guy who she was looking for was a guy who should have a lot of cars, clothes, and who would take her often to K.F.C to eat.  She had liked Dennis, because he was always bragging how rich he was; how many cars he had; and he told everybody that his father was a steel industry owner.  Eventually, when the cat was let out of the bag that Dennis was not a rich guy, she completely gave up the idea of getting friendly to Dennis. She was so happy that she never made Dennis her boyfriend.   

Cynthia thought that indeed the jungle rules are to be applied when it comes to her. For example, when two male rhinoceroses crave to mate a female, the two males would fight and whoever is the strongest would eventually mate with her.  But Cynthia thought in her life, it's not the strength of boys on the terms of physical strength, but on who has more money. The one who has more money, he would definitely be her boyfriend. And Dennis was out of her good books, because he was poor and was only a tall talker.

 When Jeffery lost Judy, he was interested in Cynthia. He was so sure that he would win over Cynthia, because she didn't like Dennis, as he was poor.  But he found a rival in Maxwell.  Maxwell was so crazy for Cynthia. That Cynthia well knew, but she didn't bother about Maxwell because he was a very poor boy. He didn't have enough money.

It was brought to the notice of Tom that Maxwell was infatuated with Cynthia. Tom desired to have fun at the expense of Maxwell. Therefore, he rang up to the boys' dorm and told the receptionist that Cynthia wished to speak to Maxwell. When Maxwell picked up the phone, it was Tom who was speaking like Cynthia on the phone.

"Hello, is this Cynthia?" answered Maxwell.

"Yes, this is she!"

Maxwell could not identify that it was Tom who was talking like Cynthia.  But Maxwell (since he was so madly in love with Cynthia) believed that it was Cynthia who was speaking to him.

"Yes, what do you want?"  Maxwell asked.

"I love you," the voice replied.

"You must be joking!"

"No, I'm not joking!"

"If you are not joking, I love you with the bottom of my heart," Maxwell said to Cynthia not knowing who was actually speaking to him.

 "If you really love me with the bottom of your heart, why don't you come to the fountain this midnight wearing a black suit and bring me a red rose," replied the voice.  "Okay, fine I can come with a red rose at midnight at the fountain. But why a black suit?"

"If you love me, you will wear a black suit."

"Okay, as you say."

"Another thing! You should also bring a big box of chocolate."

"I will do anything for you. Why one box? I'll bring two."

"Thanks! Love you and see you at the fountain this midnight." Then the phone was disconnected.

When midnight arrived, Maxwell slowly crept out of the bed, while others were sleeping, and wore a black suit.  He took two boxes of chocolate and a red rose and went to the fountain. He waited half-hour and there was no sign of Cynthia.  Tom had told this joke to André and also to Jeffery. So Tom, Jeffery and André walked softly to the fountain and took a photograph. Suddenly, Maxwell got frightened when he saw a flash. By now, Maxwell was fed up because it was 1 a.m.  Out of nowhere, Tom and his friends approached Maxwell and asked saying, "Max what's wrong with you?  Why are you wearing a black suit, carrying a red rose, and two boxes of chocolates?"

Actually Max tried to hide when he saw the three approaching but it was too late.

"No, no, no I jus, jus, just wanted to come by myself and eat chocolates, and admire the beauty of the red rose," Max stammered.

They laughed. They told him to see a psychiatrist, as in the midnight he was  wearing a black suit, carrying two boxes of chocolate and a red rose for no reason. Again they laughed and went away.

The next morning, Maxwell went to the girls' dorm to see Cynthia.  He was very upset with her for not turning up at the fountain the previous night.

Cynthia shouted at Max saying, "Are you mad? You better see a psychiatrist. Why should I have seen you last midnight?"

"You are mad, Cynthia; and you must go and see a psychiatrist.  You are the one that phoned me up and told that I should come with a black suit, with one box of chocolate and a red rose, and wait for you at the fountain," complained Max.

"You are mad! I never phoned you up."

"Nonsense! You called me."

Finally the fighting led nowhere.  Eventually, it dawned on Max that Cynthia never called and his suspicion was that it might be Tom, André and Jeffery who were behind this cruel plot.  Since they were the ones that came to the fountain in the middle of the night. But he couldn't do much.  Tom showed the photograph of Max wearing a black suit with two boxes of candy and a red rose, to the other friends. And they laughed at the expense of Maxwell.  When Cynthia heard about this practical joke, she had a hearty laugh too.

All the problems of finding a boy friend for Cynthia was not over, because she was looking for a rich guy, whereas Jeffery and Dennis did not give up hopes on Cynthia. Jeffery, for one thing, was sure that there was no way Cynthia could ever fall in love with Dennis, because she knew Dennis was not a rich guy as he pretended to be. Dennis was sure Jeffery is not going to get Cynthia either.

Dennis and Jeffery, one day, had a bet. The bet was Cynthia should tell loudly to Dennis in front of everyone in the cafeteria, ‘I love you.'   If she said that, Jeffery would give one thousand dollars to Dennis. In case, Cynthia did not say ‘I love you' to Dennis, then Dennis would have to give one thousand dollars to Jeffery.  Jeffery and Dennis thought they would outsmart each other in this bet. The following Sunday would be the date of the bet.  Jeffery thought he's a smart guy, so he went and told Cynthia the whole story behind the bet. Jeffery told Cynthia not to tell ‘l love you' to Dennis and he would give her 500 dollars.  She agreed.

Without the knowledge of Jeffery, Dennis also approached Cynthia and told the whole story behind the bet. He told Cynthia that he would give her 600 dollars if she said to him ‘I love you' in front of everybody in the cafeteria on next Sunday.  But Cynthia told Dennis that she really didn't like him. Dennis told her it did not matter if she didn't really like him. All he wanted her to say was ‘I love you.' And if she told that he would give her 600 dollars. "Give me some time to decide," she replied.

When  Sunday arrived, Dennis and Jeffery went to the cafeteria during lunch time. They were eating.  For sometime Cynthia was nowhere to be seen.  Hence Jeffery was sure that he was going to be richer by $500 because he's going to take the $1000 and give $500 to Cynthia, and keep $500. After a while, Lo and behold! Cynthia came out of nowhere, and told Dennis in front of everybody loudly, "I love you!"  And she walked away. 

Jeffery was shocked beyond belief and he lost the bet.  He gave $1000 to Dennis. Dennis, as promised, gave Cynthia $600. 

Cynthia didn't have any particular boyfriend for a long time. Anyone who had the money, and who could spend the money on her became her boyfriend.  But he was ditched, once she found a richer guy.

Judy was praying for a good boyfriend who would be faithful to her in the same way she would be faithful to him. She prayed for several months after she broke up with Jeffery.  But she asked God's forgiveness for being friendly to Jeffery without asking whether it was His will or not.  After several months God answered her prayers. How? She found Collin. Collin, 16, was a very spiritual person like Judy. And Collin became Judy's boyfriend.  Judy desired to be a surgeon whereas Collin wanted to be a computer hardware engineer. 

"Why do you say ‘I love you' so may times?  Do you actually mean them?" she asked Collin.

"I love you means I love you as a person.  I love your character," replied Collin wisely. 

"But why didn't you say anything about my body?"

"Why should I?" 

"But love should also be sex."

"Yes, but I feel sex should be after marriage."

"God answered my prayers! Because I was looking for a guy who when he says ‘I love you,' he would mean he loves me as a person and not my body only; and who wants to have sex only after marriage," remarked Judy. Her joys knew no bounds since she found a god-fearing boyfriend. 


Chapter 4

The Novel About The Serial Killer

Cynthia liked to read novels. She liked novels such as romance, suspense and drama.  She went to the local bookstore, and she was browsing through the novels. One particular novel caught her attention.  The title of that novel was ‘The Almost Perfect Serial Killer' authored by Dr. Jonah David Stevenson.  She immediately bought the novel.  After buying the book, she boarded a public transport bus, which would take her to the school campus. By the way, the school campus was about half an hour drive by bus.   She sat next to the window and began to read the novel. Ronald and Tracy were living together. Ronald was the boyfriend of Tracy.  Tracy was a divorcee and she had a daughter who was twelve years old.  Her boyfriend Ronald was a sales man.  But he had a habit of alcoholism. He would always drink and come in late.

One day Ronald came home about 7 p.m. and shouted saying, "Tracy! Where the hell are you? I need badly 100 dollars."

"Enough of your fighting with me over money. I'm not going to give you any money," replied Tracy.

"Why the hell, you can't give me?"

"Why should I always give you the money when you waste it over alcohol?"

"You always must give me money whenever I want, because I'm your boyfriend."

"It is not my duty to give you money just because you are my boyfriend!"

Ronald could not take it any more and he shouted on top of his voice saying, "If you don't give me money, I am going to kill you!"  And he shouted so loudly that the neighbours could hear it. But Tracy knew that when he's so wild it is better to keep quiet. So Tracy didn't say a word and kept quiet.  Slowly Ronald became quiet. Tracy promised that she would give him money after buying some stuff from grocery that night. Tracy was about to go to the grocery store, but just before she could step out, she received a phone call. She answered the phone and said, "Hello!"

Then the voice on the other end answered saying, "Hello! I hate to hear your voice."

"Oh, it is you Walsh!" replied Tracy. Walsh was the ex-husband of Tracy.  A year ago, they divorced because Tracy and Walsh were not getting along. Everyday they fought since Walsh was a very short-tempered man. She could not stand his tantrums and his anger any longer. Eventually they divorced. Walsh wanted badly to have the custody of their twelve-year-old daughter. The name of the twelve-year-old daughter was Cherry. Many times when Walsh came to visit Cherry, Tracy always took Cherry to her relatives' place. Therefore Walsh was very upset because Tracy was not allowing Walsh to visit Cherry.

Hence Walsh was shouting on the phone,

"I am coming tomorrow to see Cherry.  She has to be there.  If she is not home, you don't know what I'm going to do."

"What can you do to me?" Tracy replied with a challenge.

"Now don't make me very upset."

"I'm not afraid of you."

Walsh was yelling in the phone, "Don't bring the devil out of me! You don't who I am."

Meanwhile Ronald asked, "Who is on the line?"

And Tracy covered the mouthpiece of the phone and said, "It is Walsh!"

And again Tracy answered in the phone,

"Don't threaten me."

But Walsh threatened her by saying,  "I will kill you!"

When he told her that she banged the phone and hung up.

"What does Walsh want?" Ronald enquired.

"Walsh threatened to kill me!" answered Tracy.

"Then, don't go to the grocery."

"I will go."

"Let me go with you."

"No! Don't worry about this, because he told me that he is going to kill me for the last three months.  They are all empty threats." Then she took her car keys and went out. She drove the car to the grocery store. But she did not turn up by 10 o'clock in the night and Ronald was worried. When she didn't return by 11 p.m., Ronald called 911 and reported the disappearance of Tracy. The cops came and made initial enquiry.  The police searched everywhere for her, but it was futile. The police questioned Ronald to find out what could be the reason for her disappearance. 

"Well I don't know but I'm worried about her," replied Ronald.

"Do you think anyone could be behind her disappearance?" asked the police.

When they asked this question he did not immediately reply, but after a time he answered saying, "Walsh, her ex-husband, threatened to kill her over the phone."

After three days of searching they could not find Tracy. Ronald was wondering if somebody kidnapped her, but there was no ransom call either.  A farmer was ploughing with his tractor in his field. When he reached the end of the field, he smelt something foul, so he stopped the tractor and went to investigate. When he went near the bushes, the foul smell increased, and he found the body of a female.  She was completely nude except for one stocking, which was tied around her neck and the other stocking was on her left leg. Immediately the farmer called the police.  The police came to investigate.  The case was handed out to detective Lionel Milford. Milford, 35, was a very good detective. He solved several difficult murder cases before. He used hair samples, DNA samples, and other samples and nabbed several killers. Detective Milford went with his team and searched the whole area where the dead body was found. They could find no trace of body fluids and fibres.  She was raped but they could not see any visible semen on her body. There were no footprints and tyre tracks near the body. Anyway the body was sent for post mortem.  It was identified as the body of Tracy through her dental records.

 Suddenly Cynthia heard somebody shout,

"Hello! You have reached the terminal. Why are you still in the bus?"

Now Cynthia realised she had passed her stop at the school campus and reached the terminal. Immediately she got off the bus.  She realised how much she was engrossed in the novel that she forgot her destination. She got into another bus that was going back towards her school. When she got into the bus she sat near the window and she said to herself, "Okay, I shall not read the book, but watch and wait when my destination would arrive." But the temptation was so great to find out who the killer of Tracy was.  Hence, she asked the girl sitting in front of her seat, if she was passing her school campus stop. And she did say that she was. So Cynthia told her that when that stop came to inform her because she wanted to get off there. The girl agreed.

Now Cynthia relaxed and opened the novel to read where she left off. The novel went on to narrate that the post mortem indicated that Tracy was raped. But absolutely there was no presence of any semen. Apparently the rapist killer used a condom, therefore, they couldn't find any trace of semen, neither could they find any condom near the site.  Detective Milford questioned Ronald. Ronald blamed Walsh, because Tracy told him that Walsh had threatened to kill her. When Milford questioned Walsh, he declared that he had nothing to do with the death of Tracy. He was only upset that she hid Cherry from him. In fact, Walsh blamed Ronald to be behind the murder.  When Milford questioned the neighbours of Tracy, the neighbours informed the police that, on the night of her disappearance, they heard Ronald shouting ‘I will kill you.'

Detective Milford was in a dilemma. Ronald told the police that Walsh threatened to kill Tracy over the phone, and the neighbours of Ronald told that he shouted that he would kill Tracy.  This case overwhelmed him.  Detective Milford suspected that Ronald or Walsh must have killed Tracy. Therefore, he asked Ronald and Walsh to take a polygraph test. Walsh passed the polygraph test whereas Ronald could not pass the test. But there was no clear and concrete evidence to pin down Ronald to the murder.  Ronald was not talking much and he asked the presence of an attorney to be with him, when the police questioned him. Therefore, Milford couldn't do anything to arrest Ronald, because he had no concrete proof.

Abruptly Cynthia heard a bass voice, "Hey, you two girls what are you doing? We have reached the terminal."

When Cynthia looked up, she saw the girl who was supposed to inform her when her school campus approached, still sitting in front of her.  So Cynthia asked the girl, "Why didn't you tell me when my stop came by?"

And the girl replied nonchalantly, "Hello! I was busy reading a novel. I didn't even see my own stop arrive."

"What novel are you reading? Can you show me?" asked Cynthia. When the girl showed the novel, strangely,  it was the same novel, which Cynthia was reading. It was "Almost Perfect Serial Killer' by Dr. Jonah David Stevenson. Thus, both were reading the same novel, and were buried in them and they didn't realise that their stops passed by. 

Cynthia sat in another bus, which was going back, towards her school. This time she did not open the novel. Every stop she was looking through the window for her stop. Eventually her stop did arrive and she got out and went to the dorm. She was so excited that she told her roommates Fiona, Judy and Sally of how lucky she was to buy that novel ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer.' And she was bragging that the book was so good. She declared that the novel could keep any reader at the edge of his or her seat and could keep anyone spell bound.

It was 10 o'clock in the night. Cynthia told her friends saying, "I am not going to eat supper, I am just going straight to my bed and continue to read this novel." Everybody went to sleep and only Cynthia was awake.  She switched her bed lamp and was lying on the mattress with the pillow raised high. She continued reading this novel titled ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer.'  She opened up the novel and started reading where she left off.

Detective Milford searched again for clues at the site where the body was found and could not find any. He was struggling to find out who the killer was. However, it was a dead end because there was absolutely no trace of any evidence to link any killer to this senseless crime.

As detective Milford was busy with this case, on the fifth day after the death of Tracy, a second woman's nude body was discovered about five miles away from where Tracy's body was found. A boy was flying a kite and lost it because the cord was cut. As he was trying to find his kite, he came close to a bush where he saw a nude female body. It was nude except for one stocking that was removed from one of the legs and was tangled around her neck. Again, detective Milford was assigned the case. He took his team there. Later he sent the body for post mortem. They searched for fibres, tyre track marks, shoe marks, hair samples and semen. Nonetheless, there was no trace of any evidence. The first task was to identify the body through the dental records. The dead body was that of Marcia. She was a student in the nearby college and she was a drug addict. She didn't have enough money to buy drugs. Through interviews by detective Milford with her friends, he was brought to know that she was running bad blood with her drug supplier Sammy. Sammy was so upset with Marcia because she owed nearly $1000 and did not repay him for a long time. Therefore, Milford suspected Sammy and asked him to take a polygraph test. He did and passed the polygraph test. Meanwhile the full post mortem report came and it revealed that Marcia was raped. Again there was absolutely no semen or any body fluid of the killer on the dead body. Apparently the killer or killers used condoms.  Milford's headache was slowly turning into migraine, because he could not solve the previous murder and there was this second murder.  As Sammy passed the polygraph test, there was no way to link Sammy to the murder of Marcia.


Cynthia was so busy reading that she didn't note that it was late into the night. And she was having difficulty to put the book down. She had to go to class early morning at 8 o'clock. By the time she was ready to sleep it was 3 a.m.

The next morning when she went to class, she realised that she had a math test. She was not prepared because she was reading the novel. She went to the nurse and pretended to be sick. But the nurse checked her body temperature, blood pressure and pulse and she didn't find her sick. Hence, she asked her to go back to the class. However, Cynthia bunked the math test and went to the library. Afterwards, she went to the biology class. While the teacher was teaching, she was busy reading her novel.

The novel went on to narrate that after three weeks of finding Marcia's body, another nude female body was found in a desolate area. She too was strangled with a stocking and was raped. Using the dental records the body was identified. The body belonged to Janice. She was a night club dancer. When Milford took up this case, he went to interview the other fellow club dancers. They revealed that a man named Roy always stalked Janice. Wherever she went he used to follow her. Milford thought that at least he had a suspect. He asked Roy to undergo a polygraph test. And he did pass it. There was no evidence to link Roy to the murder scene, because there were no traces of any fibres and footprints near the body. Roy had a good alibi too.

The fellow detectives and the sheriff thought this serial killer is a perfect one, because so far there were three murders and they could not catch him. They had few suspects but the suspects had absolutely no linkage to the crime. In fact, all the suspects had alibis of where they were at the time of the murders.

As Cynthia was reading the novel, the biology teacher asked her, "What reptile usually kills a frog?"

"Roy!" replied Cynthia without thinking.

"What? Roy is not a reptile," shouted the teacher.

Now Cynthia came to her senses and realised that Roy had nothing to do with a frog but he was a suspected killer of Janice in the novel.

"Sorry Sir!" she replied.

After sometime the class was over.

Cynthia went to the cafeteria. She was not fully interested in what she was eating because she wanted to know who the serial killer was. She opened up the novel and she continued to read. Four weeks after the first murder, that is the murder of Tracy, another dead body was located about 10 miles from the body of Janice. The body belonged to a prostitute by name Veronica. The post mortem revealed that she too was raped and was strangled. No semen was found because a condom was used and there was no trace of any condom near the body.

Detective Milford had his hands full. He asked the help of a crime profiler to help him to dish out the killer. A few days later, the crime profiler was ready with the profile of the killer. The crime profiler remarked that the killer would be a white man between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five; he would be unemployed; he would have sexual fantasies and he would be living in the same town. He would kill only white females because all the four victims were white. With this crime profile, detective Milford thought he could nab the murderer.

After few days Milford went to Ronald and told him that he needed some of his hair samples because he found several hair strands at the various murder sites. So he took about ten strands of hair from different areas of the head of Ronald and went away.

The next day detective Milford went to the sheriff and requested saying, "These murder cases are turning cold because we are not finding any evidence. Therefore, let me go and thoroughly search again at all the crime sites where the dead bodies were found.  Perhaps, I may be lucky to find something." The sheriff agreed and gave permission.

Detective Milford went with his team but after some time he sent the team members away. As he was searching he was lucky to find some hair strands at different murder sites. He found one single strand of hair where the dead body of prostitute Veronica was located; two strands of hair where Janice's body was found; one strand of hair where Marcia's body was observed and two strands of hair where Tracy's body was discovered. And Milford asked the permission of the sheriff to collect the hair samples of all the suspects. The sheriff permitted. He did collect the hair samples of Sammy, Roy and Walsh but he didn't collect the samples of Ronald because he already had done so earlier. The hair samples of the suspects and the hair strands found at the murder sites were sent to a hair expert. After few days the results arrived. The hair strands of all the four murder sites matched Ronald's hair. The sheriff was so proud of Milford because eventually through his hard work he found some hair samples and the hair samples matched that of Ronald. With this evidence the cops arrested Ronald.  Later he faced a trial.  But in the court Ronald vehemently denied that he had any role with any of these murders. His lawyer could not do much to help Ronald because the prosecutor based the accusations on the hair samples that were found.

The trial went on for many months and eventually the jury came with the verdict based just on the hair evidences. Ronald was sentenced to ninety-nine years in prison, with no possibility of parole. The sheriff congratulated detective Milford and gave him a citation and an award for cracking the difficult murder cases by nabbing the serial killer. Milford reasoned he was a very smart man because eventually he solved the overwhelming murder cases.

A sound of a falling spoon was heard and when Cynthia looked down it was her spoon, which fell down from the table. Then she realised that everybody from the cafeteria had walked out and she was alone.  However she continued to read. And the novel revealed that there was no murder in the town for the next two months. But after two months the killings started again. Cynthia was all the more crazy to find out, if Ronald was in the prison then how come the killings started again? Was there another killer?  She reasoned that it is high time to go to her dorm, relax in the bed and read, than to stay in the cafeteria. She walked out of the cafeteria and went to her dorm. She continued to read the novel. Two white nude female bodies were found. They had been raped. There were no fingerprints or any other evidence at the crime area.  Later the bodies were identified as Vivien and Opal. Detective Milford was handed these new cases because of his experience. Milford declared to his team members saying, "I hope I don't lose my job because after the previous cases were solved, another serial killer is on the loose!" After three days when the bodies of Vivien and Opal were found a masked man with gloves on, forcefully entered a woman's house. It was the house of Eva. He tied and gagged her. He also threatened to kill her. After sometime he removed the gag and asked her saying,  "Do you love me?"

"No!" she replied with fear.

"I will kill you!" he shouted.

"Don't kill me!"

"If you love me, I won't kill you!"

"Yes, I love you!"

"If you love me, will you satisfy me?"

"What do you mean? Satisfy you sexually?"

"You can satisfy me," he uttered, "By dying!"

"You are a moron!" shouted Eva, "And you are sick!  See a psychiatrist!"

"Don't call me a moron! I am the ‘Perfect Serial Killer!' Nobody has ever caught me. I have raped and killed six women. You will be my seventh victim."

"Are you Ronald the serial killer?"

"Don't be a fool! Ronald is in the prison. By the way, Ronald is innocent. All his so-called victims were mine. I am the serial killer and not Ronald. I had placed the hairs of Ronald at the murder sites to incriminate him. Nobody is ever going to catch me. I asked all my victims if they love me and many said ‘no' and few said ‘yes.' You know, my wife doesn't love me but I want all women to love me."

"If you rape and kill women, who is going to love you?"

"I don't care! Anyway a few women love me."

"Some women will say ‘I love you' just to escape being killed by you."

"I know that! But I love killing women more than hearing them say ‘I love you.' And don't think I'm fool because I am telling you the truth. I am going to end up killing you because dead people tell no tales." Hearing this Eva started crying.


The killer was repeatedly raping Eva using condoms. After each time he had sex he tied a knot on the condom used. Eva noticed also that the rapist had a tattoo of a red butterfly on his right groin.

"Why are you killing innocent women?" she asked crying.

"I love to kill! I love to be the perfect serial killer. I enjoy the pleasure of not getting caught, and seeing other innocent people being caught," he said cunningly.

The killer told Eva that he wanted to take a bath.  But Eva also wanted to take a bath in the other bathroom.

But the killer uttered saying, "No use of you taking a shower because after I take my shower, I am going to strangle you to death."

Saying that, he gagged her, tied her to the bed, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.


When the killer went to the bathroom, she immediately lifted the mattress with her tied hands, and pulled the laptop, which was underneath. She sent an e-mail to her friend Kiesha via the internet. The e-mail message was as follows: "Dear Kiesha, a masked man is in my house. He has raped me many times using condoms and he is about to kill me. The killer told me that he is the serial killer and Ronald is innocent. The killer had deliberately put the hairs of Ronald at the murder sites to incriminate him. This killer had killed six victims and I'll be the seventh. He has a tattoo of a red butterfly on his right groin. I am going to take the used condom, which is filled with his semen, and push it deep inside my private parts. When they find my dead body, please tell the authorities to check my private parts and retrieve the condom, which is filled with his semen, and check his DNA. Please give this information to the police." After sending the e-mail, she immediately put the laptop under the mattress.


The killer, after taking bath, strangled Eva to death and went away.


Next day, the neighbours called the police after discovering Eva dead. Detective Milford came with his team and took some photographs and sent the body for post mortem. The post mortem was conducted on the body and they could not find any evidence, except the strangled marks. And the next day she was buried. 

Kiesha did not check her e-mail for five days. When she checked the e-mail after five days, she was shocked to see the e-mail message from Eva. Immediately, she took the printed message to the sheriff. And sheriff got permission and immediately exhumed the body of Eva. The condom with the semen was found in her private parts. They sent the semen for DNA analysis. Sheriff conducted a press conference while Milford was not in town.  The sheriff revealed to the press reporters that the serial killer had red butterfly tattoo on his right groin. He also told that the semen was found and was sent for DNA analysis. After few weeks, the DNA results arrived. But the DNA results would be useless if they did not have a suspect to match his DNA. When Milford returned to town he was told of the latest developments. Detective Milford's wife Grace was a bio-technologist. She was reading the newspaper and read about the sheriff's press conference. She found a sentence was blackened. She didn't know why it was blackened. When she wanted to hear the news that night, she found out that the TV was not working. She asked her husband to fix it. But he was busy and he had no time to fix it. Next day, the wife of detective Milford went to her neighbour's house and read the news of the previous day's newspaper to find out what the blackened sentence was. The blackened sentence was ‘The suspected serial killer has a red butterfly tattoo on his right groin.' When she read this, she went quickly to the sheriff's office and asked if she could get a copy of the DNA results of the suspected killer. She got a copy of the DNA of the suspected killer and went home.   The next day she went to the sheriff's office and wished to see him.  So the sheriff called her to his office. Grace came to the sheriff and she remarked to him saying, "You won't believe this! Detective Milford is the serial killer! Arrest him immediately!"

"You must be out of your mind! He is one of the best detectives in the country. He is your husband also. How can you say he is the serial killer?" the sheriff replied.

"Milford has a red butterfly tattoo on his right groin! I have a copy of his DNA and it matches the DNA of the suspected serial killer!" declared Grace the wife of detective Milford.

The sheriff was shocked. He called Milford and he denied everything. He wanted to attack his wife for tarnishing his image.

"If I am telling lies, why don't you take detective Milford's blood and check his DNA?" said Grace to the sheriff.

Milford refused to give blood sample. However, she had the DNA of her husband and it matched that of the serial killer. Milford was immediately arrested.  The public was shocked to hear the news that detective Milford was the serial killer. Ronald was released from prison. Detective Milford was thrown into the prison.

After many months the trial was over. Milford was sentenced to eighty years in prison. Detective Milford who thought that he was the perfect serial killer became almost perfect serial killer. Because he was caught at last and was incarcerated. Cynthia realised that by the time she finished reading the novel she had missed her supper. Nonetheless, she was happy because she at last knew who the serial killer was. She realised that the serial killer was put in the maximum-security prison, which was about fifteen miles from her high school campus. She was so scared because she wondered if this serial killer who was a detective himself would escape from the prison and kill her and her friends. Cynthia told her friends, Sally, Fiona, and Judy about the novel in which the detective who was investigating the murder cases was himself the serial killer. She told them that the serial killer had a tattoo of a red butterfly on his right groin. And eventually he was caught due to the bravery of Eva who sent e-mail to Kiesha and the courageous work done by the detective's wife Grace.

Afterwards, Sally borrowed the novel ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer,' to read the whole story.

Chapter 5

Romance, Flirting and Consequences

Two years later, the girls Sally, Judy, Fiona and Cynthia were about to graduate from high school. In fact, the graduation was only three months away.

Tom eventually found a girl friend. He was dating her for six months. She was Janet who was fifteen years old. Tom always told her that he loved her with all his heart and mind. Janet many times asked him saying, "When you say  ‘I love you,' do you mean it from your heart?"

"Yes honey!" he answered.

"I don't think you are saying it from the heart. It might be just from the lips."

"Come on, don't be so doubtful, I am saying it with all my heart."

"I don't think so. Anyway time will tell."

One day, Tom took Janet to the nearby ice cream parlour and they were eating ice cream together. She was licking his ice cream and he was licking hers. Tom was praising her beauty. Abruptly, Janet had an attack of epilepsy and she fell down on the ground frothing. To Tom, it was a bolt from the blue! Tom never knew Janet was suffering from epilepsy. He never actually thought she was a sickly girl. Anyway, the other folks rushed her to the hospital. When she came out of unconsciousness, she did not see Tom and was surprised. Later she was discharged from the hospital and went to her dorm. And she asked for Tom. Tom sent a message through Cynthia, which was that he was cutting off his love affair with Janet. When Janet received this message she wept bitterly. Afterwards she opened one of the love letters written to her by Tom and read. In the letter Tom had written, " My sweet heart Janet, I can't live without you. I love you so much! You are the reason for my living!  You are the heart of my life. Even though I have to cross the seven seas in the midst of sharks and come to you, I would do so. I would cross the Himalayan mountains and the rocky mountains and would search for you. I'll never break your heart."  When she read this letter she cried all the more; because he had written that he would swim among the sharks, cross the seven seas and the mountains, but he threw her away because of epilepsy. Now she knew the truth of his untrue love! All he wanted was sex. She had regretted why she had wasted her life having sex with him. She was so sorry that she did not stay away from sex. He ditched her at the time of trouble. She realised that she would never get friendly to a guy like Tom.

The romance between Sally and André lasted ever since that motorbike ride down the hill. However, it was a seesaw experience. Actually, Sally was a domineering person. She used to control André. André didn't like to be controlled. But he was very possessive of Sally. He didn't like Sally talking to other boys. He loved her like crazy. He thought that he could not live without her. Even after talking to her in person for hours together, he would go back to dorm and speak to her through cell phone.

"I love you! I love you! I love you!" he always remarked to Sally.

Sometimes Sally was wondering why he was saying so many times ‘I love you.' Anyway, she acted like a queen and sometimes she treated him like dirt.

By the way, Cooper and Fiona were in their own drug world always taking drugs secretly, without the teachers or administrators knowing about it. But their friends knew.

The romantic world of Judy and Collin was revolving smoothly. Every time when they were together, they read the Bible and prayed. In fact Sally, Fiona and Cynthia were thinking, what was wrong with Judy and Collin? Instead of kissing and having sex, they were reading the Bible and praying together. Therefore, they made fun of them but Judy and Collin were not bothered.

"Do you really love me?" Judy asked Collin.

"Yes," Collin replied.

Of course they knew their limits of romance. Collin and Judy were never alone together in a secluded place. They were not alone during late nights. Incidentally, Judy was very particular that she and Collin should be in places where they would not be tempted by Satan. She pledged to be a virgin until the time of marriage. Collin, of course, was tempted at times to have sex with her, but Judy was very strong and refused. Collin later realised that it was not good to have sex before marriage.

Dennis, who suffered from coprolalia, used to speak vulgar language just to impress the girls. Judy one day asked him saying, "Why do you speak all those vulgar words?"

Then Dennis answered saying, "Judy, this is the modern century. This is the new trend. When you use obscene language it shows you are a mature person and you belong to ultra modern age. You actually belong to the Old Stone Age."

"Who said that it is a sign of maturity? Just because celebrities use these vulgar words on TV and movies, it doesn't mean that you are mature. But it shows that you come from an uncouth culture," replied Judy wisely.

Now Dennis was upset and he shouted some unprintable vulgar words at Judy and walked away.  However, he still was trying to find a girlfriend. All the girls came to know that he was a tall talker and a pathological liar, so nobody wanted him. But during the previous term, a new girl by the name of Sonia joined the school. He tried to impress her and spent a lot of money on her. Finally, Sonia became Dennis' girlfriend. Dennis was so excited that he found a girlfriend at last. Nevertheless, Sonia realised soon that he was always speaking vulgar words, which was causing a fight with other boys. Since other boys didn't take lightly when he used bad words at them. Eventually she got so fed up of his bad words that she ditched him before it could be too late.

By the way, Cynthia did not have a stable boy friend. She was like a monetary nymphomaniac. She would have sex with anybody who was very rich and spent money on her.

As a matter of fact, everybody had sex as part of his or her romance. Dennis had sex with Sonia. Cooper and Fiona had sex before they took drugs. Sally and Andre too engaged in sex. Only Collin and Judy did not have sex in their romantic life.

Sally was not satisfied with just being friendly with André. She desired to be secretly friendly with somebody else. But she was afraid that André would find out. Thus, she did not really flirt because André was so possessive of her.

Tom met Sally in the library one day, and whispered saying, "How is the love affair between you and André?"

"Oh that guy! He is so possessive of me and I feel I'm in his cage."

Now Tom got a devilish idea. "How about a date with you?" asked Tom. She readily agreed. And she told him not to tell André about it. On their date, Tom and Sally drank a lot of alcohol. And Tom had sex with her. While having sex, he told her many times, ‘I love you.' Apart from that, Tom also took some photographs of Sally in nude positions of which she was not aware. After this incident, Tom blackmailed Sally with her nude photos. He sent some nude photographs to her through mail and asked her to have sex with him whenever he wanted, or else he would show her nude photos to everyone. Sally wondered how could Tom say to her that he loved her and yet photograph her in nude positions and blackmail her.  She knew that Tom was a very selfish and cunning boy because he broke off with Janet because she was epileptic and now he was blackmailing her. She had to have sex with him several times because he had her nude photos.

However, Sally's patience could not hold any longer. She told the whole story to André. Initially, André was shocked and so mad at Sally. Later when he overcame that shock, he was thirsting to teach Tom a very serious lesson for his evil actions.

Meanwhile, Cooper was interested in another girl Julia, while still being friendly to Fiona. Cooper told Julia that he loved her very much. "What about Fiona?" asked Julia.

"I broke off with her," uttered Cooper untruthfully.

"Anyway if you love me you have to give up drugs," answered Julia.

"I'm trying to give up drugs shortly."

"This should be your last time!"

"Yes, sweetheart!"

But Cooper always told it was the last time and yet kept on taking drugs.

One day, Cooper asked Julia, "Why don't you just take drugs once with me and after that I will stop?"

"I will take the drugs just once provided you will forever stop taking drugs," Julia answered.

"Yes, honey!"

Therefore, she agreed and took drugs with Cooper. After this episode, it was Julia who kept asking Cooper for more drugs. Needless to say, Julia herself became a drug addict and she realised it too late. She was caught in the web of drugs. She wanted to change Cooper but she herself had changed completely into a drug addict. When Fiona came to know about Cooper's love affair with Julia, she became so mad and threw chicken soup on Cooper's face in the cafeteria. Cooper apologised to Fiona and declared that he would not have sex with Julia. He would only supply drugs to her and not have sex.

There was only one more month for graduation. Fiona, Sally, Judy and Cynthia were going to graduate together, that's what they thought. And André had plans in mind to teach Tom a lesson for flirting with his girlfriend Sally. He hired some goons from the city.  He instructed the goons to wait that night in the playground. That night André asked Tom if he could help him to search for the money he lost in the playground. Tom agreed. They went to the playground to look for the money that was supposedly to have been lost. As they were searching, the goons came from nowhere and thoroughly beat up Tom. And Tom was beaten up so badly that he could not walk. He was hospitalised later. The school administrators took action and suspended André. 

Fiona had a serious problem. She had skipped monthly periods for the third month. She realised that she was three months pregnant with Cooper's child. She was having morning sickness too and was secretly throwing up in the toilet. Fiona discerned she could not graduate because of her pregnancy.  She rang up Cooper and requested him to see her and he came. She shouted at him roaring, "You fool! How many times I told you not to have sex with me and you didn't listen."

"What is wrong?" he asked.

"I am pregnant with your child."

"Why are you blaming me? I wore a condom every time we had sex."

"Who said condoms were a hundred percent safe against pregnancy?" Fiona yelled.

Fiona did not want the baby. She told Cooper to do something about it and Cooper agreed. So they agreed that she should have an illegal abortion. Hence, he took Fiona one night to the hill and used a hanger and tried to abort the foetus which was three months old. She was yelling on the top of her voice because she was bleeding and could not bear the pain. Cooper advised her not to shout, as they would get caught. Eventually, piece-by-piece the foetus was brought out. She was bleeding profusely but some how her life was not snapped off. She survived the ordeal of the most unscrupulous and unhygienic method of abortion. Afterwards, Fiona discerned that this was not true love. True love was not killing a baby. True love is not something where you have fun and then kill somebody else. Now she realised the truth of untrue love, which was packed with drugs and sex.

Eventually the day of the final exam results arrived. Fiona did not pass neither did Cooper. Cynthia failed the exams because she was always bunking classes and was looking for rich boyfriends. Sally managed to pass the exams and was able to graduate. But André could not graduate because he was suspended. Tom could not write the final examinations because he was badly beaten up for flirting with Sally. Judy and Collin passed with flying colours. They scored all A grades.

The graduation was grand. The parents of Judy and Collin attended the graduation. Judy was the best outgoing student. After the graduation there was a big celebration that night. All the friends participated in the celebration irrespective of whether they graduated or not. Tom participated though he was using crutches. Cooper and Fiona did not graduate, yet they came because their friends forced them to come. Fiona and Cooper were drinking alcohol like crazy. Cooper drank so much that he could hardly walk. Fiona left for home early as she was so tired, as a result of her undergoing an illegal abortion a few weeks ago.

After the party was over, Cooper got into his father's car and drove off. As he was driving, he saw two lights approaching him, and he thought the two lights were those of two motorbikes coming in the opposite direction. He reasoned in his drunken mind that he could drive his car between the two motorbikes. Therefore, he drove his car between the two motorbikes that he imagined. However, they were not two motorbikes but a huge truck. Cooper hit head on the truck and died instantly. What a sad consequence for drinking alcohol! Fiona was very upset when she heard about the death of Cooper.














Chapter 6

The Suicide

A few months passed after the death of Cooper. Fiona could not give up drugs, even after attending a drug de-addiction clinic. She knew the drugs stole her life away. She was depressed. She was not so much depressed because Cooper had died in the car accident. She was depressed because she held herself responsible for killing her baby, which was in her womb. She got nightmare after nightmare. But everytime she experienced these nightmares she took more drugs.

One day, she heard a knock on her door in her house. When she opened the door there was a small girl baby crying, "Mommy, mommy." She thought somebody forgot the small baby, so she decided to baby sit until her mother came to look for her. Thus, she took the baby to her bed and was playing with the baby. The baby was smiling at her. Soon the baby started crying and she tried to stop the baby from crying. But the baby did not stop crying. She requested the baby saying, "Sweetheart, stop crying!"

But the baby still cried. Now Fiona got so upset and shouted saying, "Now sweetheart stop crying otherwise I'm going to beat you!" There was no response. She continued to say, "Baby stop crying, baby stop crying!"  Abruptly the door opened and Fiona's mother walked in and asked saying, "Fiona, to whom were you talking? You were saying, ‘baby stop crying, baby stop crying.' But I don't see any baby here." Then Fiona realised that it was a visual and audio hallucination. It was due to the effects of drugs.

One day, Fiona badly needed some money for drugs.  So she stole her mother's wedding ring and sold it to a drug dealer and acquired drugs. When the wedding ring was not found, her mother asked everybody in the house about it and everybody denied knowing about its disappearance. "Did you take the wedding ring?" her mother asked Fiona.

"Don't be crazy, mommy. I never touched the wedding ring," she replied.

Later, Fiona bluffed to her mother saying,  "I saw the housemaid stealing the ring and hiding it inside her bra." Her mother enquired the housemaid. She replied saying,  "No madam I never took it."

"My daughter told me that you took it," Fiona's mother answered.

"Please believe me, madam, because I did not steal it."

But Fiona's mother fired her from work. Before going out the housemaid went to Fiona's room and questioned her saying,

"Madam, why did you tell lies against me? There are two small children at home waiting to be fed. Now we have no money to buy food because your mother fired me from work."

"Don't disturb me! Get out from here!" Fiona snarled at her. The housemaid left.

After the effects of the drugs were over, she suddenly sensed that the housemaid lost her job because of her lies. And her two small children would go hungry because of her. Fiona was highly depressed. Every time she was depressed, she took more drugs. And every time the drugs effects were gone she was more depressed. Then she took more drugs.  It was a vicious cycle. The nightmares of the abortion were repeatedly attacking her. She also had a dream about her boyfriend Cooper. In the dream Cooper was saying, "Come and join me in the next world. The next world is full of drugs! You don't have to buy the drugs here because they are for free."

So Fiona's life was one big hell. Now she contemplated that the true love would not have any thing to do with drugs.  True love would not lead to abortions. True love will not lead to sex before marriage. True love would not tell lies. She realised she wasted all her life and thought the only way out is to commit suicide. For a few days she was baffled whether to commit suicide or not. She didn't want to talk to her parents or to any counsellor.  She didn't have any desire to talk to anybody nor to visit a drug rehab.  She wanted to end her life. So one night she decided that was it. But she reasoned that before she could commit suicide, she should write a suicidal letter so that other persons' lives might be saved through it. Therefore she drafted the letter as follows:

"Hello, this is a open letter to everyone, especially to all the female teenagers. I loved somebody, and that somebody said, ‘If I truly loved him then I should take drugs.' Because I loved him truly I took drugs and became a drug addict. Therefore, my fellow girls when somebody tells you to take drugs in order to show how much you love them, never take the drugs, because that is not true love. If somebody tells you to take drugs in order to show how much you love them, then it is a sign that person is not truly loving you. He is only trying to capture you and make you an addict.   Someone might say ‘If you truly love me, why don't you take drugs just once with me, and then I will give it up.' Then my advice is don't listen to that person and take drugs for once because you will become an addict and will never be able to give up drugs in your life. True love will have nothing to do with drugs. True love will not tell lies. True love will not lead to sex before marriage. True love will not allow you to have an abortion. True love will not make you kill a baby. True love will not make you to flirt with another lover. Drugs will make you to flirt just as my boyfriend flirted with another girl. True love is kind and enduring. True love is faithfulness to one lover only. True love is rain that falls in the wilderness of hate and unkindness Therefore, my advice to all youth is do not take drugs, do not tell lies, and don't have sex before marriage. If you do not follow my advice then your life will be one big hell or you may commit suicide.  A couple, after marriage, should plan for a baby and should not abort a baby. If a girl has an abortion then she will face nightmares like how I experienced." And she wrote a footnote to her mother, "Mother, I have told lies that our housemaid stole the wedding ring. It wasn't her.  I stole it and sold it to a drug dealer in order to get some drugs. Sorry!  When you see my dead body, please reinstate the housemaid because she has two small children who don't have food to eat. Please publish this open letter in the newspapers so that others could be benefited and their lives could be better. I hope this will pep up the youth not to involve in drugs and sex before marriage. I hope they will know the truth of untrue love and find true love.  Closing with love, Fiona."

She placed this letter beside her pillow. Then she took an over-dose of cocaine and committed suicide.

Next morning, there was no response from her room till 11 a.m. Her mother then went inside and thought that she was sleeping. When she tried to wake her up there was no response.  She found her dead. Then she discovered a letter near her pillow and read it with tears in her eyes. After a few days, Fiona was buried. Her mother called the housemaid back to work and apologised to her. She increased her salary so that she could feed her children better.

She sent the suicidal letter to the editors of newspapers, so that it could be published as an open letter to everybody. It could help others not to be involved in drugs and sex before marriage. They would also know the truth of untrue love and find true love. The suicidal letter of Fiona was published in several newspapers and it did help others (not a few) to avoid drugs, fornication, getting out of untrue love before it was too late and finding true love.

Chapter 7

The Triangular Love

Ten years had past since the graduation of Sally, Judy and Collin. Judy became a cardiosurgeon and Collin, a computer hardware engineer. Cynthia became a beautician, but still retained the dream of being a movie star. Sally became a secretary for the manager of an oil company. Tom was still unemployed though he had a bachelor's degree in Sociology. André was a successful businessman in gold jewellery. The romance of Judy and Collin lasted from their high school days. And eventually they got married whereas all the other romances of their high school friends fizzled out.

André and Sally broke up five years ago. André learnt a lesson from his love affair with Sally. The lesson was never to be crazy after a woman. He thought he's not going to have crush on any girl. He's not going to be infatuated with any woman. His motto for life was this, "Not to love a woman whom he likes, but rather love a woman who loves him." André became very rich because of his gold jewellery business. As a result of his wealth, many women liked him, and desired to be his girlfriends. Many sent him cards showing him how much they loved him. Some of them had even written letters proposing to marry him. But he turned down all of those proposals. When he thought that some really liked him, he used a test to find out if they truly loved him or if they only loved him for his wealth. The test was that he used to phone up the woman who sent him a romantic card, in the middle of the night, and say,  "Hello, my gold jewellery store had been accidentally burnt. I have lost all my business. The insurance is not going to reimburse immediately. Can you lend me a few thousand dollars?" And usually the woman used to reply in the phone, "Well, I loved you because you had money but since you don't have any now, I'm not bothered about you.  Sorry I can't lend you any money." When he received a reply like this, he knew that she couldn't be his girlfriend. So André used this test to find out if any woman truly loved him or not.

A couple entered the gold jewellery store of André.  André greeted them,  "Hello!"

The couple introduced themselves. "Sir, I am Nickie, and this is my boyfriend Trevor."

"I am the manager of this store. So what can I do to help you?"

"We have come to buy some gold rings," answered Nickie.

So Nickie and her boyfriend moved and browsed around in the gold jewellery store. Nickie saw a particular set of heart shaped golden earrings. She whispered to Trevor, saying, "I love this gold earrings! Why don't you buy them for me?"

When her boyfriend Trevor found out the cost of the golden earrings, his heart missed several beats. It was so expensive for him. In fact, he didn't even have half the cost of those gold earrings. Nickie started troubling him, by saying, "You crazy man! You told that you love me and can't you buy those gold earrings?"

"Look, I'm only a college student," Trevor replied.

And André asked Nickie, "For what purpose do you want to buy these earrings?"

"Well, he promised to buy  gold earrings for my birthday," answered Nickie.

 "When is your birthday?"André asked.

"October 5."

And October 5 was just five days away. Trevor and Nickie walked away from the store without buying anything, because he didn't have the money. When they walked away, André started thinking about Nickie and her boyfriend. Nickie was 21 and extremely beautiful. Nickie was in fact more prettier than Sally who was his girlfriend many years ago. Trevor, 25, her boyfriend, was already balding at the sides of his head. He was balding quite rapidly for his age.

André thought to himself, "Nickie is a very pretty girl. Anyway, I am not going to be friendly with a girl who does not love me. In fact, I should be friendly with a girl who loves me."

On October 5th Nickie got up from her bed and was planning to go in the bathroom, when she saw a small present on the dressing table near the bed. She quickly opened it and she could not contain her excitement. It contained heart shaped gold earrings. She immediately hugged Trevor who was sleeping on the bed and shouted on top of her voice,  "Thank you and   I  love you!"

"Many happy returns of the day! I will do anything to make you happy because I love you so much. In fact, I can't live without you. If somebody steals you away from me, I don't know what I will do.  If you leave me I will kill you." Saying this Trevor kissed her.

And they said to each other many times  "I love you!"

After few days, Nickie went alone to gold jewellery store of André.

 "Hi Nickie, how are you? Nice to see you back," André uttered.

"Fine, thank you!" replied Nickie.

Nickie proudly showed him the golden earrings, which she was wearing and said, "Look! My boyfriend bought these for me, though he didn't have money on that day."

André had a closer look at the gold earrings, and also touched them. And he commented to her by saying, "Nickie, I am sorry to tell you that your golden earrings are fake."


"Yes! The gold earrings, which your boyfriend gave for your birthday are fake."

"I don't believe it!"

"You may not believe it, but the fact still remains that they are fake. If you want me to prove it, remove your earrings and give them to me. I will test them and will show you that they are really fake," André said confidentially. Nickie removed the gold rings and gave them to André. He scratched the gold earrings on a detector. Eventually the test showed that they were fake. Nickie started crying then. And André tried to comfort her. But she ran out of the gold store and went home.

In the evening when her boyfriend Trevor came home, all hell broke loose. She was yelling at him and throwing some things at him. He was shocked.  "Sweetheart, what happened?" Trevor asked with a surprise.

"Don't call me sweetheart! You idiot!

Why did you give me fake earrings?" yelled Nickie. 

When Trevor heard Nickie say that, his heart jumped to his mouth. His face became pale because it was true. He bought fake gold earrings and presented them to her, thinking that she would never find out.

Nickie wanted revenge, which was to do 

tit for tat. November 1 was the birthday

of Trevor. When November 1 did arrive,

she presented a gift to Trevor. When he

opened the gift, he was very much surprised because it was a beautiful comb. But the gift was so sarcastic because he was losing his hair so rapidly. Probably he was losing a hundred hairs   per day and was balding so fast. Hence she gave him the comb in order to take revenge. Since Trevor presented fake gold rings which was useless to her ears, so she was giving a gift which would  be useless to his bald head. Trevor was really upset with this gift that is the comb, because she was making fun of his baldhead. However, he had no choice because he cheated her by giving fake gold earrings.

But whatever the case was, Trevor still loved her. Next year, a few days before October 5 he wanted to somehow buy real gold earrings, and present them to Nickie. But he didn't have money.

Trevor was thinking how to buy gold earrings for Nickie, because he cheated  on her last birthday  by giving her fake gold earrings. He came up with a plan, and went out to execute it. He went to the subway when it was the peak hour. As he was boarding the train, he pick-pocketed several men's purses. And he successfully pick-pocketed three persons, but when he was trying to pick-pocket the fourth person's purse he was caught. He was handed over to the police and was taken into custody.

Eventually, the news reached Nickie. She went with what ever money she had and bailed Trevor out of jail. When they were returning back from the jail, Nickie asked Trevor, "Why the hell did you pick- pocket?"

Trevor replied saying, "I love you so much, and I desired to buy real gold earrings, and present them to you on your birthday this year."

"You didn't have to do it."

"Last year I had given you fake golden earrings, but this time I want to give you the real ones. Since I did not have the money I had to resort to stealing."

"I understand your love for me, but I don't appreciate you to steal like this and bring a bad name, not only to yourself but also to me."

On her birthday, Trevor went out to buy some special food for her because Nickie wasn't feeling well. When he was away, FedEx courier personnel came to her door and knocked. Nickie answered it. She received a   small package. She went inside and opened it. When she opened, she discovered gold earrings and a small card.

It was sent by André.

 André had written in the card, "Dear

Nickie, I was feeling sympathy for your condition, because on your last birthday you received fake gold earrings. I decided on your birthday this time you are not going to receive anything fake but real. I am sending you this heart shaped gold earrings as a gift for your birthday. Enjoy your birthday. But don't tell Trevor about it."

When she got these earrings she wore them for sometime and admired herself in front of the mirror. Now she was slowly beginning to like André, and was thinking how life would be if André was her boyfriend, since she liked gold very much. As she was dreaming that André was her boyfriend, she heard knocks on the door and she realised Trevor came back with the food. So she immediately took off the earrings and hid them.

Every time her boyfriend was away from home, she used to wear the gold earrings, which André presented her. And every time she wore them she was only fantasizing her life with André. She wished André was her boyfriend instead of Trevor. 

She slowly began not only liking André but also loving him. She went to the female sales woman in André's gold store and enquired saying, "Why doesn't André have a girlfriend, when he could get friendly with any woman because of his wealth?"

The female sales woman told Nickie how he had a test to find out if any woman loved him really. Nickie was so inquisitive to find what the test was because she desperately wanted to pass the test. The female sales woman was reluctant to tell what the test was. However, eventually she succumbed to the pressure, which was laid on her. The female sales woman whispered saying, "Whenever a woman sends a card proposing her friendship and love towards André, he would after a few days phone up to that particular girl or woman in the middle of the night. He would say over the phone ‘My gold store had been destroyed accidentally in a fire, and the insurance would not reimburse immediately so can you lend me a few thousand dollars?'  Usually the woman would reply ‘I wanted to be your girlfriend because of your gold and wealth but as you lost it, I don't need you and cannot lend you any money.' If André received such a reply he would never make her his girlfriend. So the female sales woman told Nickie that he wants a woman who would still love him even if he didn't even have the gold store. When Nickie heard all of this she knew what her next action would be. 

Nickie sent a card to André through the mail. When André opened up, the card read as follows: "My dearest André, from the day I saw you, I loved you but I could not express it because I was already the girlfriend of someone else. But today is my happiest day. I broke up with Trevor. I don't love him any more. I love you and I can't live without you. I hope you don't break my heart. When I say  ‘love you' I mean it with all my heart. With love forever, Nickie."

When André read, he was happy in a sense.  Nickie was more beautiful and prettier than Sally who was his heartthrob in high school.  And his motto was "Not to love a woman whom he likes, but rather to love a woman who loves him." But he wanted to test her, that is the same test he had conducted on any other woman who sent him a love card. A few days later, he rang Nickie in the midnight, using her cell phone number. When she found out it was André on the line, she immediately rushed to the bathroom because she didn't want Trevor to hear the conversation. André said over the phone with despair in his voice, " My gold store has been burnt in a fire and I have lost all my wealth. The insurance will not reimburse immediately. Therefore, I need to borrow some money from you."

   And Nickie replied saying, " Honey, I will give you all my money right now. I would give all my life to you. I want to be your lover not because of your gold and wealth. I love you because of you. I don't love your gold and jewellery store. So I am ready to give up all the money and my life too to you."

   André was flabbergasted  by the answer of Nickie. "I want to make sure if you really mean what you said," he said to her.

   "Absolutely yes! Sweetheart!"

  "I have just lied to you that my gold store has been burnt in the fire. It has not been burnt in the fire. I want to test if you truly love me."

"You are smart!"

"Did you really break off with Trevor?"  he asked her.


"Where is Trevor now?"

"Oh, he's in his own house."

"I love you so much! I desire to see you tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at ‘Loveable' restaurant."

"Yes, sweetheart!"

André was the happiest man in the world, and so was Nickie. 

But Nickie did not break off with Trevor.  In fact, she was afraid of Trevor because he threatened to kill her if she left  him. So she didn't tell her boyfriend Trevor that she now loved André. The next evening about 6:30 she was planning to go out.

"Where are you going now?" Trevor asked.

"Oh, I'm going to see my friend," she replied.

"Which friend?"

"I'm going to see my friend Kathy."

"I am coming with you."

" No! Don't come with me."

And she went off in a jiffy. She reached ‘Loveable' restaurant at 7:00 p.m. and waited for her lover André who came at 7:30 p.m. They had such a good time. And after having supper they went to André's home. They had sex together.  Later he gave her a diamond ring.

When she returned home late Trevor was so upset.  "Why did you come so late?" he asked. As a matter of fact, he knew Nickie was not at Kathy's house because he phoned up there.

"Well, I was planning to go to Kathy's house and before I could reach there I met Sonia. And Sonia took me to her house. We played dominoes and then we played cards.  That's why I am late."

Nickie managed two lovers at the same time.  She told André that she broke off completely with Trevor. And she did not tell Trevor that she was friendly to André. Therefore she maintained cunningly two lovers at the same time. Whenever André told her that he wished to visit her place, she would say,  "No! My place is too small. It is shabby and not comfortable so please don't come."

She was always hiding the gifts André gave to her in a place where even Trevor could not find them.

One day, Trevor came home late. He did not make a sound like saying ‘Honey, I'm home.' He quietly and slowly walked towards the bedroom.  Before he could enter the bedroom, he heard her say,  "I love you! I love you! I love you!"

As soon as Trevor walked in the bedroom, immediately Nickie said, "I have to go," and she hung up the phone.

"To whom were you speaking?" Trevor asked her.

"I was speaking to my friend Sonia," she replied.

"Nickie, are you a lesbian? I heard you tell three times ‘I love you, I love you, I love you' to Sonia. Are you a lesbian that you have told Sonia three times that you love her?"

"No! She is my good friend that's why I said ‘I love you' to her. I am not a lesbian, you know that." After hearing this Trevor kept quiet.

Actually Nickie was saying to André,  "I love you! I love you!  I love you!" over the phone. And as soon as Trevor came to the bedroom she didn't want to be caught, so she immediately hung up the phone. She bluffed that she was speaking to Sonia.

Trevor had his own doubts because several times Nickie told she was going to a particular place, and when he phoned up she was not found there. He had his own intuition that when she said ‘I love you, I love you, I love you' it was not to Sonia. After sometime Nickie and Trevor slept. But Trevor could not sleep well. He wanted to know to whom Nickie told ‘I love you!' It was now past midnight and Nickie was fast asleep. Suddenly Trevor got an idea. He reasoned to himself that if he took up the phone and redialled, it will reach the person to whom Nickie phoned up last. Hence, he took up the phone and pressed the redial button. The phone was ringing. Somebody picked up the phone and said, "Hello!" Immediately Trevor realised and recognised that it was the voice of André. Without saying a word, he hung up the phone. Now Trevor was so sure that Nickie told three times ‘I love you,' to André and not to Sonia.

When she was fast asleep, Trevor started his investigative research. He searched different locations in the house to find out any evidence of Nickie having love affair with André. And he did get some proof after searching for more than two hours. Of course, he was searching without making any noise. He found some photographs hidden in some clothes. Nickie was in compromising positions with André in the photographs and he also found the diamond ring along with the heart shaped gold earrings. It was too much for him. He could not take it anymore. It was 3 a.m. He angrily woke up Nickie and started yelling at her.

"You devil! The cat is out of the bag!" roared Trevor.

"What! Is a cat at the back of the house?" Nickie answered in her sleepiness.

"Stupid! The cat is out of the bag. I know you are in love with André," he yelled.

By now Nickie was completely awakened.   "You are mad! Where is the proof?" replied Nickie. Then immediately Trevor threw the photos, the gold earrings and the diamond ring on her and said, "This is the proof." Now Nickie knew she could not tell any more lies and she agreed that she was in love with André. Trevor threatened her saying, "You know how much I love you. If you do not immediately stop this love affair I am going to kill you."

Out of fear for her life, Nickie said, "Okay I will break off with André."

The next day, when Trevor was out of the house, she was thinking of a plan how to get out of this situation and escape certain death; which Trevor would inflict on her if she did not break up with André. In any case, Nickie was so madly in love with André that she decided that she could never break up with André. She desired to break up with Trevor but she was so scared that he would kill her. She didn't want to stay with Trevor any longer because he was a poor fellow. He was also balding. And she was sick of him. But she did not know how to really tackle this situation. She was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.

After few days she went and told André,

"Sweetheart, I have a problem."

"What? I will do anything to get you out of that problem," he replied.

"I have ditched Trevor long ago but he is threatening to kill me. Since he doesn't want me to be friendly with you. Before long, you are going to see my dead body," she said with fear. 

"As long as I live that will not happen."

Honestly, Nickie never told the truth that she did not ditch Trevor and was still living with Trevor. But André believed her because he loved her.

"I would rather see the dead body of Trevor and not your dead body," André said to Nickie.

"Nickie, my sweetheart live in peace, because I'm going to fix up this problem," advised André.

"What do you mean?"

"I'm going to get rid of Trevor."

"Whatever you are going to do, do it! But the sooner you do, the better!"

Then they kissed each other and made love. And after that she departed.

Afterwards, André was making all plans to kill Trevor in such a manner that he wouldn't be caught. He planned to hire contract killers to do the job. And he planned with great precision. He hired two contract killers and paid an advance of  $25,000. He gave a photograph of Trevor and instructed them to finish him off. Later, the contract killers observed Trevor for a while. They put the plan into action after three days.

Trevor was jogging early morning along a lonely road, which was his daily route. As he was jogging, he saw two joggers that were some distance behind him. He had never seen those joggers before. Probably, he thought that those two joggers must be new persons who have moved into the neighbourhood. As he was jogging he realised that the two other joggers were slowly catching up with him. Therefore, Trevor thought that might be they want to over take him, so he was jogging at a slower pace so that the other two joggers could over take him. But as the joggers came close by, they suddenly pulled out two pistols from inside their jogging T-shirts and opened fire on Trevor. The gunmen hit him like a tonne of bricks and Trevor died instantly. Since it was a lonely road there was no commotion. Eventually, a passer-by phoned 911 and informed the police about the dead body. The police came, made some investigations and later sent the body for post mortem. The cops were trying to find the killer or killers of Trevor and the motive behind it.

After several months of investigation, they found the contract killers. And the contract killers eventually disclosed that the brain behind this whole cunning plan and conspiracy was André. André was tried for several months. He hired the best lawyers in the country because he had money. But the prosecutors were so much zealous in their work that they desired to nail him down. Ultimately, André was found guilty and he was sentenced to fifty years without parole. That was the end of the triangular love. Nickie had lost both of her lovers. She lost Trevor who was now a dead man. She had lost André since he was incarcerated. She had lost both of them.

She had much time now to repent of what her untrue love did to two lovers. She was thinking that triangular love relationship would lead to nowhere. It could cause one to go to prison, it could cause the other to die and the third person would be without the other two lovers and would repent or regret over what happened. She thought true love couldn't be entangled with love affair like this. True romantic affair is to be in love with only one person irrespective if that person has money or not. One should not love somebody just because of money, political connections or fame but rather should love somebody for his or her sake. She learned through the hard way. She contemplated if she ever had the opportunity to advise any lover, she would say, "Love a person truly for what he or she is and not for what he or she has or doesn't have. Never be unfaithful to your lover. Don't be hasty in finding a lover and when you do find one, stick to that person come what may. Never be in a hurry to fall in love or else one would regret or repent at leisure."

Chapter 8

Love For Money

Cynthia had become a beautician as mentioned earlier. Many clients were always visiting her beauty parlour. Her business was prosperous, but Cynthia was not content. She used to say to the clients, "Oh, I am not content with my business."

And usually the clients would ask, "Why?"

And she would say, "I want to be a movie star! If somebody wants to buy this parlour I would sell it. I need the money to be a movie star." One client told Cynthia that she knew one producer by name Jerome. He could help her to be a movie star if he decided so. Cynthia was excited and exclaimed, "Please introduce me to Jerome!"

Few days later, she was introduced to Jerome. Jerome, the producer, was 42 years old, fat and had a potbelly. When he saw Cynthia, he praised her beauty saying,  "Your face is like the beauty of a rose flower! And your hair is like water flowing down Niagara Falls! Your lips are like strawberries! Your body is like a hour glass!"

"Jerome, thank you so much for your compliments! I would do anything for you. Just make me a movie star," Cynthia pleaded.

"I am a very straight forward person and I will tell what you should do."


"First of all, if you want to be a movie star I must receive something from you."

"What is that?"

"If you want to be a movie star you must have sex with me."

As soon as she heard it she became a little worried. Anyway, since she craved to be a movie star, she agreed. And they made love several times.

After a month, Jerome said to Cynthia, "I have fallen in love with you."

"It is incredible! You have met so many beautiful girls in your career as a producer and yet have you fallen for me?" she enquired.

"Yes! Their beauty can't match your's. Your beauty is devastating! Your beauty is a dynamite which can explode the heart of any man!"

Cynthia was elated and reached the seventh sky when she heard the statements of Jerome. Jerome told her frankly that he wanted to be her boyfriend. Cynthia without second thoughts she readily agreed, because she had only one agendum, and that was to be a movie star. How she got there didn't matter. She was worried how to achieve the ends and not the means. When they started their love affair, she slowly came to know that Jerome's previous movies, which he had produced, had actually flopped.  So she wondered if she made the right move by being in love with him. Nevertheless, she conjectured that the next movie starring her would be successful. As the friendship grew, she realised he didn't have much money, because all the money which he had, was used to make those flopped movies. He could not retrieve the money, which he had invested. But she reasoned that some how he could get money from somewhere and make her a movie star.

After two months, Jerome asked Cynthia to sell her beauty parlour. She was a bit reluctant. "If you want to be a movie star, you have to sell that beauty parlour and give me the money and I will make you a movie star," advised Jerome. As mentioned earlier, she craved to do anything to be a movie star. Thus, she sold her business and Jerome took all the money.


He used the money for some other purpose, which was not really known to Cynthia. It was gambling. Jerome was addicted to gambling, and to add to that problem of gambling he was an alcoholic. Jerome conjectured if he could gamble with the money that he received from Cynthia, he could be a millionaire. And in turn, he could use that money to make movies. But after a month, he discovered to his dismay, all the money that Cynthia gave to him was lost in gambling. And to worsen the situation, he was drinking more alcohol to overcome the grief of losing all the money. Now he lost all the money, but he didn't want Cynthia to know about it. So he hatched an evil plan. One day he drugged Cynthia and she fell asleep. When she woke up she saw another naked man sleeping next to her. Then she realised she had been drugged and another man had sex with her. The stranger gave money to Jerome and went away. Jerome conceived that if he used Cynthia as a call girl he would make money. Cynthia was so much raged and angry with Jerome for making another man to have sex with her.

"You are a crazy man! You told me that you truly love me and indeed you praised my beauty so much. If you love me so much, why did you make a stranger to have sex with me?" yelled Cynthia.

"I love you and there is no doubt about it. But I love money more than you. Some men who are film directors would like to sleep with you. If you don't sleep with them you cannot be a movie star," he replied.

She had no choice. She slept with those so-called directors not knowing that they were just ordinary men sleeping with her and giving the money to Jerome. Later she realised that all the money that she had given to Jerome had been wasted in gambling and now Jerome himself did not have any money. For Cynthia it was too late. All the money that she had was gone. She came to know from other sources that what Jerome had done to her; he had done to twenty-five other girls in the past. So  Cynthia had become another statistic in the life of Jerome. And one day Jerome walked away from her life.

Cynthia remembered her past life. When she was in high school, she became friendly with guys who had a lot of money. Now she had been in love with someone who loved money more than her. She too did the same before, that is, she loved money and not her lover.

She had no money at all. Her dream of being a movie star was shattered into smithereens. Her ambition was completely demolished. She needed money to survive somehow. She sold her body for money. In short, she became a prostitute. Therefore, instead of becoming a movie star, she had become a moving night star on the streets. Her love for money made her life hell.

When Dr. Judy, who was her roommate and friend of Cynthia, came to know that Cynthia was living as a prostitute, she used to phone her up and tell her to give up prostitution but she never did. Cynthia got used to living as a prostitute. She thought, if any girl asked her for advice, she would advise thus: "Do not love someone for money and fame. Never trust guys and have sex with them just to achieve your goals and ambitions. Break away from your love affair with guys who want to use your body, before it is too late." But she wondered who would ever care to take her advice.


Chapter 9

Broken Promises

Sally had a new boyfriend. He was Alex. He was  twenty eight years in age; he was lanky and a sturdy young man. He was a teacher at a nearby college. They were dating for some time.

"I love you! I love you forever! I cannot live without you! If you don't live with me I will die! So therefore, let us live together!" Alex said to Sally.

"Are you hundred percent sure of what you have said?" Sally replied.

"Absolutely, yes!"

"If you love me forever, and you cannot live without me, then why don't you just marry me?"

Alex was quiet for sometime. Sally asked, "Why are you not talking?"

"First of all, we should know each other and see how we can adjust and then let us marry later," he replied.

"If you love me so much, you would marry me without any reluctance."

"Tell you what! Let us live together for one year. After one year I promise to marry you. If I don't marry you, then I'm not Alex."

After this statement Sally thought, "Okay let me give it a try. Let me live with him for one year."

Hence they lived together in common law union. Every time they made love, Sally reminded him to marry her and he promised her he would.

After one year, Alex still did not keep his promise. Sally asked him saying, "Why are you not keeping your promise to marry me."  But Alex was quiet. Every time Sally got an opportunity, she still insisted that they both got married. But Alex refused. Sally reminded him saying, "One year is over and you have not married me still. Why are you breaking you promise?" He replied saying, "Give me one more year and I promise to marry you with fail." And Sally agreed.

Even after two years, Alex did not keep his promise. Sally was very upset but she couldn't do much. They continued to live as common law husband and wife. However, they had become parents. Sally had given birth to a son. They named him Joe. They were excited at the birth of their son.

After few months, when Alex and Sally took the baby to the hospital for vaccination, it was discovered that baby Joe was suffering from Down's syndrome. The paediatrician called Sally and Alex to his office. "No medicine can do anything to cure the Down's syndrome. Down's syndrome is caused because of trisomy of chromosome twenty-one. Every normal person has forty-six chromosomes, whereas your son has forty-seven chromosomes. And the twenty first chromosome, instead of being in a pair, they are in triple," explained the paediatrician.

"What can we do to help our baby with this Down's syndrome?" Sally asked.

"Well, you have to show the baby lot of love and carefully train him," the doctor replied.

Alex asked the doctor saying, "Could he study and be educated as a normal child?"

"No! He will have mental retardation and even when he becomes mature, he will still have the mental capacity of a small child," replied the doctor.

They left the doctor's office and went home.

The news was devastating to Sally and Alex. However, Sally decided that since Joe is their child, they should do any thing to make him happy.  They will have to live with the child and make the child's life as best as possible. But in the mind of Alex something else was brooding. And what was going on in his mind was revealed later.

After a week, Alex told Sally that he would be leaving her and Joe for good.  "You can't do that," Sally yelled.

And immediately he shouted saying, "Why am I saying I would leave? I'm leaving right now!"

Sally replied saying, " Just hold on for a minute. You have broken your promises to me! You are not a good father."

"I don't remember making any promises to you."

"What? Don't you remember that you promised you would marry me? And don't you remember you told me you can't live without me, and you would die without me; how come you can leave me now?"

"When did I ever say that?"

"Yes, you did tell me and that's why we are living together."

"Where is the proof? Anyway, I can't live with you. You are a used up mango! Your son is sick. I am going to look for a fresh mango."

"You are an animal. You are like a wild male fox. Wild male foxes just have sex and leave the females to suffer with the little ones."

"Call me whatever you want but I'm leaving."

"I hate you! Why are you doing this to me?"

"Oh, you are making me to go back into my old life. Do you want to know my history?"

"Yes!" she said.

"Oh, you want to know my flashback? Well, when I was two years old, my father left my mother and me; and she was suffering to take care of me. When I saw all that, I fell so bad for mother."

Sally replied saying, "If that is your case then you should see that you don't repeat what your father did."

"Nonsense! If my life was a hell because I lived without a father, so let Joe your son live without a father."

"Why are you calling Joe, ‘my son'?  Isn't he your son too?"

"No! I don't want to call him my son because he is an idiot!" Saying that he walked out of her life forever.

Sally was left high and dry. She had to fend for herself and her son who was not going to grow as a normal child. She perceived this is how men are. They will have sex and make a woman to be pregnant and once the child is born, they would go out for a fresh female.

After two years, Sally met Clyde. Clyde and Sally fell in love. He told Sally that he loved her so much. But Sally was trying to be smart and didn't want to repeat the same mistakes, which she had experienced. However, Sally did not know Clyde was a big womaniser, and he had many girlfriends in the past. Clyde was a salesman.

"Sally, you are my honey and my sweetheart! You are the reason for me to live!" Clyde said.

Sally thought this is how men are but she wanted to be very  careful this time.

"Okay! But if you love me you must marry me," she said.

Clyde refused. "We must know each other well. What are our strong points and weaknesses we should observe. We should know how to adjust with one another. Therefore, let us live together. Once we know each other properly, I promise to marry you with out fail," he answered.

Sally knew that it is the same old repetition of what Alex said. She thought all men are the same. But Sally was not biting the bait. After few days Clyde made it point blank clear of what was in his mind. "Okay, let us live as common law husband and wife and later I promise to marry you after six months. Remember I have money and I promise to take care of your son Joe," he told Sally.

Sally in the beginning refused. Anyway when he promised to take care of Joe, she thought that she should give it a try with this man and hope that Clyde is not like Alex.

"Okay! But are you going to break your promises?"  Sally questioned.

"Without a shadow of a doubt, I will never break my promises to you!" Clyde answered.

Therefore, Sally and Clyde lived together as common-law husband and wife. Six months passed and still Clyde did not marry Sally.

"Clyde, six months have passed and why have you not kept your promise?" Sally asked him.

"Sorry! I cannot marry you," he replied.

Sally wanted to walk out of this relationship because the same thing happened between her and Alex in the past. But one thing prevented her from walking out of this relationship; she was already six months pregnant with the child of Clyde. So Sally stayed on with him as his common law wife. After another three months a baby girl was born. She was a cute baby with smiling face, and with hair as smooth as velvet. They named her Kathy. They were happy with this child. But when they took the baby for DPT vaccination, a routine test was conducted on Kathy. It was discovered that baby Kathy was having a heart defect. The doctor instructed the parents that she would need a surgery to repair the heart defect in the near future.

When they reached home, that was it for Clyde. "Look! I have no money for the surgery and I don't want to live with you, Kathy and Joe the sickly child you already have," uttered Clyde.

"What about your promises?" queried Sally. "To hell with those promises!" Saying this Clyde walked away never to return.

Sally was burning her finger for the second time. She realised common law union was one big untrue love. She realised that if men truly love women, they would one hundred percent go into marriage. But since many men are promiscuous and want to have sex and nothing but sex, they want only common law union. These men are not interested in families. They just want to escape from responsibilities of bringing up their children. But she knew all these are the signs and symptoms of untrue love. She knew that any man who truly loves a woman would go for marriage. Sally knew that no marriage was perfect but common law union was worse. Now she knew that common law union was like a peanut falling from the pan into the fire. She reasoned that she would advise any girl, never to go for the common law union but for marriage. She realised that for a married man to walk away from responsibilities is not so easy, but for a man practising common law union, it is very easy to walk off the very minute he desires to do so. She knew that this common law union is not true love and it is better for anybody not to get into it.

Sally knew she would have to fend for two small babies; one baby who has Down's syndrome and the other with heart defect.















Chapter 10

The Murder


Judy had become a cardio-surgeon. She and Collin were happily married. Of course, no marriage is perfect. Dr. Judy and her husband Collin had their ups and downs but they always mended their trivial problems and forgave each other. 

They were wondering to themselves, "How come, couples can live together as common law husband and wife, when marriage is a blessed thing. How can they (common law husband and wife) call themselves husband and wife when they are not married? They could call themselves common law partners and not common law husband and wife. They have no document or no evidence to really prove they are husband and wife. And they wondered why they ever want to go into a common law union when marriage is best. Of course some marriages may lead to divorces because God is not the centre of those marriages.

Collin and Judy were blessed with a daughter. She was Goldie and she was three years of age.

Meanwhile, Cynthia was still living as a prostitute. From time to time Judy would phone up Cynthia and try to encourage her to give up prostitution. As a matter of fact, Judy promised Cynthia that if she would give up her profession as prostitute she would help her get another job. But Cynthia simply refused.

Cynthia got used to living as a prostitute, because she realised now that trying to be a movie star was like building castles in the air. It was like a pen writing in the notebook of an ocean.


One night at 11:30pm, a stranger came to Cynthia's house. He informed her that he wished to be her client that night.

"Hello gentleman! I am having my menstruation!" she said.

"Look honey! I don't have a problem with your menstruation. I just want to have sex and I will double your fees," declared the stranger.

When Cynthia heard that he would double her fees, she couldn't resist.

"Wait for me here while I change," she said and went to the bathroom to change. While she was changing her clothes, putting on make-up and wearing perfume, her cell phone rang.

She picked up the cell phone and asked, "Who is it?"

"This is Judy! Did you hear the breaking news?"

"No, Dr. Judy," Cynthia replied.

"Well! I have important news to tell you. It is regarding the killer in the novel ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer.' He just ..."

And before Judy could complete the sentence, Cynthia said, "Judy, I am busy with a client. I will call you later," and she hung up.

Within a few seconds the phone rang again. Cynthia said, "Hello!"

"This is Judy again. I want to say something urgent."

Cynthia replied saying, "Not now! And don't disturb me," and she hung up and switched off the cell phone. She left the cell phone in the bathroom and went to the bedroom.

The stranger undressed to have sex. Cynthia noticed that the stranger had a tattoo of red butterfly on the both of his groins. She was perplexed. She thought to herself, "What does this remind me of?" Then she remembered about detective Milford in the novel ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer,' and she was hesitant to have sex.

"Are you Milford the serial killer?" enquired Cynthia nervously.

The stranger answered saying, "Don't worry! I am not Milford the serial killer! I have read the novel ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer.' Remember that detective Milford had one butterfly on one groin but I have one on each of my groin. As a matter of fact, Milford is still in the prison and how can you doubt me to be Milford." After hearing what the stranger said, she relaxed.

While making love, the stranger became violent. He was trying to strangle her with her bra. But she was resisting.

"You don't know who I am. Don't bring the devil out of me," the stranger said angrily.

"Why are you trying to kill me? I don't need to bring the devil out of you because you are already one!" she remarked with fear.

"I am not a devil. I am Milford the serial killer!" yelled the stranger.

"Don't lie! Milford is in the prison."

"I am Milford the serial killer. I have escaped about three hours ago out of prison, which is about twelve or thirteen miles from your house.  You did not see the breaking news. Did you? While in prison, I tattooed a red butterfly on the other groin to confuse everybody."

"Really?" asked Cynthia timidly.

"Now don't think I'm a fool because I have revealed this truth to you. I am going to kill you! Dead persons can not reveal any thing," said Milford with a wicked smile on his face. When Cynthia heard this she screamed. Immediately he gagged her mouth. Cynthia now was feeling so guilty why she hung up on Dr. Judy. She realised that Judy was trying to inform her about the escape of Milford. That's why she asked, "Did you hear the breaking news?" And she was talking about the killer in the novel ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer.' Cynthia was hating and cursing herself because she hung up on Judy. Now her life was rapidly fleeting away in front of her eyes. Cynthia knew Milford would never spare any victim. He would always strangle and kill the victim without any mercy.

Cynthia had to do something before it was too late. She had long nails, so she scratched the lower abdomen of the killer. He was bleeding. She pushed him and ran into the bathroom and locked the door. She removed the gag from her mouth. Cynthia wished to tell someone. She did not call 911 because she guessed that number would always be busy. She desired to inform somebody about the killer before she was killed just as Eva did in the novel ‘The Almost Perfect Serial Killer.' Hence she quickly took the cell phone, which was left earlier in the bathroom and phoned up Dr. Judy. The phone was ringing.  Nobody picked it up. Meanwhile Milford was trying to break open the bathroom door. Cynthia quickly left a message on Judy's answering machine.

The message was, "This is Cynthia! I am sorry I hung up on you. Milford the serial killer is in my house and he is about to kill me very soon. Milford has another tattoo of a red butterfly on the other groin also and not on one groin as before. Please give this information to the police." She hid the cell phone in the bathroom.

By now, Milford broke the door open. He came inside and strangled Cynthia to death.  He wiped the blood spots off the floor, that is, the blood that was oozing from his lower abdomen. He destroyed any evidence that could incriminate him.  

Milford checked to see if there was any laptop in the bedroom or the bathroom. He was trying to be extra careful because when he was caught last time, it was because of an e-mail sent through a laptop. He checked the personal address book of Cynthia to see if other prostitutes' addresses were in it, because he wanted to visit those prostitutes, have sex and kill them. As he was checking the addresses he found the address and phone number of Dr. Judy. Immediately a devilish grin appeared on his face. He decided to visit Dr. Judy for treatment of the cuts in his abdomen and later he could rape and kill her. So he set off to her house, but he was very careful to go out into the night because he knew police must have been searching everywhere for him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Judy and her family were asleep. Later Judy could not sleep. She had some kind of intuition to check her phone messages. She contemplated how strange it is to check her phone messages when probably there may not be any. However, something kept telling her in the mind, ‘Check the phone messages! Check the phone messages!' Eventually she did succumb to that intuition and she checked the phone messages. There was only one phone message and it was from Cynthia. When Dr. Judy heard the message, immediately she woke up her husband Collin and told him what the message was. He didn't believe it. Therefore, Dr. Judy played back the message and he heard.

"Well, let us do our part. Let us ring 911 and give this information to the police," Collin said to his wife Judy.

Before they could ring 911, they heard a glass being shattered in their kitchen. When they got up out of the bed to check, a stranger with a gun met them in the living room. "Who is Dr. Judy?" he calmly enquired.

"I am!" Judy replied.

So he pointed the gun at her head and said, "You should treat my wounds in my abdomen or else I will kill you."

"Okay fine! I will treat your wounds," she  answered timidly.

"Don't think I am a fool. Before you can start treating my wounds I have to keep this man out of my way." So he pointed the gun at Collin and tied his hands and legs, gagged his mouth and dragged him into the kitchen.

Judy prepared to treat the stranger on the sofa. " Can I see your wounds?" asked Judy.  And the killer dropped down his trousers and underwear. Dr. Judy saw not only the wounds on his lower abdomen but she also saw the tattoo of the red butterfly on each groin. Immediately Judy remembered the phone message, which Cynthia had sent. Obviously this man holding the gun near her head was the notorious serial killer Milford.

"Did you read the novel ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer?'" asked Milford.

"No! But I know the story."

"Don't worry! Milford in that story had one tattoo but I have two."

Judy didn't say anything. But in her mind she knew this killer had no ‘mercy' in his dictionary. He had only ‘murder' in his lexicon. She knew that he would rape and kill her without any mercy after his wounds were treated. She also contemplated that he would kill Collin and when he finds her small daughter, who was sleeping in the bedroom, he would rape and kill her too. The seconds of her life were fleeting as years in her mind. She prayed to Lord Jesus in her mind to save her and her family. Then she got an idea.  She applied surgical spirit on his wounds. He was yelling because he was feeling burning pain. "Since it is hurting you, I will give you an injection, which will make you not to feel the burning sensation," remarked Dr. Judy cleverly. "Yes! Sure, go ahead and give me the injection, because I can't bear this burning pain," replied the killer.

This same serial killer, who had inflicted severe pain to so many persons and caused so much sorrow to so many victims, could not bear even a small burning sensation due to the surgical spirit on the wounds. He never realised how much pain he was physically inflicting on his victims. He didn't give second thoughts on how much depression and sorrow he was inflicting on the dead victims' relatives and friends. Ironically, this killer was asking for a painkiller.

Dr. Judy thought this is her last God given opportunity. She took a powerful sedative and injected into his buttock. Then she proceeded to treat his wounds. She purposely delayed treating his wounds as much as possible so that the sedative will have its effect on him. Before long he fell asleep on the sofa. Without any delay she released Collin who was tied up and gagged in the kitchen.  Collin, using the same ropes which the killer used; he tied up the hands and the feet of the killer. He took away his gun and immediately called the police. The police came and arrested Milford. Collin and Judy had given the phone message tape as evidence that he was the one who killed Cynthia. Milford was taken to the same prison from which he escaped. He was tried for escaping from the prison and for raping and killing Cynthia. Finally, he was handed another forty years in prison.

Collin was wondering to himself, "Why was Milford given prison sentences? Why can't he be put to death?  Killers like him who get so many sentences would escape and kill more persons." Collin was discussing with his friends about Milford. Some of his friends agreed that death sentences should be given to killers. While other friends were not supporting death sentence. They were also discussing about Amnesty International. One of Collin's friends remarked saying,  "Amnesty International is only looking at the welfare of criminals, but it is not looking at the agony of relatives of the dead victims."

Anyway, Dr. Judy and her husband were awarded because they helped to nab the serial killer Milford.

Chapter 11

Promiscuity, HIV and AIDS

Sally was so upset when she heard about the death of Cynthia because Cynthia was her roommate and friend.  She remembered how Cynthia had to lose her business as a beautician.  She could not fulfil the dream of being a movie star. Then she had to live as a prostitute and finally be murdered by the serial killer Milford. Sally recollected that it was Cynthia who bought the novel ‘Almost Perfect Serial Killer.' It was she who read the whole story of detective Milford and how he killed. It was she who knew he had a red tattoo of a red butterfly on his groin. But Cynthia still couldn't detect him because the smart killer tattooed another red butterfly on the other groin. The sadness of Sally over the death of Cynthia was confounded more with some other aspect of the news. Sally was so disturbed and angry that Dr. Judy and her husband Collin were the ones who nabbed the killer. They also appeared on the news on TV and their photos were printed in the newspapers. They also got an award for it. So she was very, very jealous that Judy and her husband Collin were in the limelight.

Sally's life hit rock bottom after the common law union with Alex and Clyde had failed. Sally became highly promiscuous. She had sexual relationship with so many men that she herself lost the count. In all the sexual relationships, she made sure that she would never become pregnant. She took birth control pills. After the relationship that she had with Alex and Clyde, she made sure she didn't give birth to any more children; since her first child Joe had Down's syndrome and the other child Kathy had a heart defect.

Sally's goal was to extract money as much as possible from her lovers. She wanted money as much as possible to take care of her two small children, that is, Joe and Kathy. She thought men wanted only sex and she wanted money. Therefore she made love to all her so-called lovers because of money. That is how her life continued for some years.

After three years, on a routine medical examination, Sally was found to be HIV positive. She was devastated. Her world came tumbling down because she was now carrying her own death warrant. She thought in her mind that her son has Down's syndrome, her daughter has a heart defect and now she is HIV positive. She realised right away that she should have been a virgin like how Judy was before her marriage. She regretted for being promiscuous. Now her days were numbered because she was HIV positive. And she thought to herself, "Oh, I wish I got my whole life back." But alas, it was too late. But she contemplated she is not fully to be blamed for her being HIV positive.  Her lovers had to be blamed also because not even one of them married her.

Sally wanted to take revenge on all men. She thought, "It was because of men she had to suffer like this. If a man truly loved her he would have married her. He would have supported her and her children and they would have had an excellent family. Her dreams were broken into smithereens. She came up with a diabolic plan to take vengeance on men. She desired to teach men a lesson.  She wanted to spread Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) to as many men as possible. So she got into friendship with many men. And she used to say to men before making love, "I have no problem if you don't use a condom." So, many men like fools had sex with her without a condom.  She used to coo to all men while having sex, "I love you! I can't live without you! I will die for you!" Just repeating all the statements that Alex and Clyde told her. She knew these men who were having sex with her would also die very soon. Sally became a nymphomaniac with one agendum. That agendum was to transmit HIV to as many men as possible. So they could become HIV positive and later die with AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome).


As a matter of fact, some of the men with whom she had sex, she telephoned and talked to them as if some other woman was talking to them. She would say, "Why don't you check yourself to see if you are HIV positive or not?"

And when the man would reply on the phone, "Why should I?"

She would say, "Well! Check and see for yourself."

And when some of the men did check they discovered to their dismay they were HIV positive.  They regretted why they were promiscuous. But it was too late for them.

 After living like that for two years, Sally did not know as to how many men she infected with the AIDS virus. By now, she was getting constantly tired and was having diarrhea for sometime. She was losing a lot of weight and her lymph nodes were swollen. She visited a doctor. The doctor had to give her the sad news, which was that she was suffering from AIDS. The doctor advised her to be admitted in the hospital and receive some medical help. And she did.  However, after a few days she left the hospital and went home because of her small children. She was now so scared that she would transmit the virus to her children Joe and Kathy.  Whenever they kissed her and hugged her she was so afraid. She would say to them, "Don't kiss me. "

Kathy used to ask her mother, "Why don't you love me? Why should I not kiss you? Why are you not kissing me?" However, Sally did not answer but just cried. When Joe used to run to hug her and kiss her, she used to push Joe away.  But Joe could not understand why. He asked his mother, "Mommy, you don't love me!" Sally cried saying,  "Sweetheart, I love you, but I can't explain my situation."

Sometimes, she reasoned of committing suicide along with children. She first wanted to make Joe and Kathy drink poison and make sure that they were dead, and then she wanted to drink poison and die.

Afterwards, she contemplated "Why should I kill my two innocent children for no fault of theirs. They have a right to survive. They should have an opportunity to live. I have done mistakes in life so I should die." She also thought that Joe does not have much future because of Down's syndrome and Kathy does not have much future either because of her heart defect. And when she dies she wondered who would take care of her children.

She knew all this happened because of untrue love. Right away she realised that the truth of untrue love had brought her to this level. She reasoned that if she had another chance to live this would not happen again in her life. Alas it was too late! She knew no one would adopt a child with Down's syndrome and a child with a defective heart. She was really cursing herself. But she did not want other females to suffer like her.

As a matter of fact, she reasoned that if she had some money she would write a book. She would instruct every girl, in her book, to be a virgin till the time of wedding. She would advise every girl not to have a common law union relationship. She would counsel every girl not to be promiscuous like how she was. She would warn every girl not to flirt. And no girl should be a nymphomaniac. She would admonish women not to trust men who show their love only in words. She would exhort every girl not to be friendly with a guy who says, ‘Let us know each other by living together and then I promise to marry you later.' She would caution against guys who say, ‘Let us know each other and see our weaknesses and strong points, and see if we can adjust to each other, and later marry.' But that would not happen. Usually a male after having fun with a female, would say, "You are a used mango! All the juice of your life has gone! Now I am going to look for a fresh mango!" Females should be aware of those crooked males. 

Therefore, Sally wanted to write all the warnings and cautions for females in a book.  However, she did not have the money to publish a book. She didn't even have the money to buy medicine for herself. Neither did she have the money to treat her daughter's heart problem. So, that was the story of Sally. She was in a very, very sorry state of affairs. 

She reasoned to herself, "Oh, I wish this was a dream. Oh, I wish this were a nightmare from which I could be awoken." But it was not the case to be. It was a reality and she sensed it very late. She thought to herself how she had cursed Judy when she advised her to live close to God when they were living in room #6 in the girls' dorm in high school. She realised how she teased, tortured and talked evil about Judy. She knew very well that Judy was now a big surgeon, married Collin and has a daughter. They were all quite happy. But when she looked at her life it was so miserable. She had made Judy's life a hell in high school and now her own life was pure hell.

Chapter 12

Repaying Hate with Lasting Love

Dr. Judy picked up the morning newspaper and was reading it. As she was reading the paper she came to a particular story that was titled, ‘Save little Kathy.'

She was reading the story. And the story went as follows:

"A dying woman with AIDS has two children. The first child is Joe, who is suffering from Down's syndrome and the second child is Kathy who has heart defect. The woman suffering from AIDS has no money to take care of the children and she lies dying in her home. If surgery were not conducted on her daughter Kathy who has a heart defect, she would die. In fact, the doctors advise that she should have surgery in the next three months or she would die. Therefore, anyone interested in supporting this small girl Kathy, please donate as much as possible. The cheque should be in the favour of ‘ Save Little Kathy Fund.'

The dying AIDS mother's name was not mentioned but her address was given. Dr. Judy showed this newspaper story to Collin who was getting ready to go to work. They were discussing how they could help this family. Collin thought of sending a $10,000 cheque to save little Kathy's life. Judy thought they need some more time to decide about it. She advised her husband saying, "Honey! When you come back in the evening from work, we will pray about it, and then decide what we can do to help little Kathy."

That evening Collin and Dr. Judy prayed about it.  Later, as they were watching the news on TV the photo of little Kathy appeared on the TV screen.  Goldie, the daughter of Dr. Judy and Collin, was playing before the TV. As soon as Goldie saw the photo of Kathy on the TV screen, she went and kissed Kathy on the TV screen. Then she asked her mother saying, "Mommy, what a cute little girl! Why are they showing her on TV?"

"Well sweetheart, she is sick and she needs money for a surgery," her mother replied.

"Mommy, you are a surgeon, aren't you? Why can't you do the surgery? Why does she need the money for a surgery when you can do the surgery for free?" Goldie questioned. These questions completely threw her parents off the track. After they put Goldie to sleep that night, they again knelt down and prayed to Lord Jesus. They asked Lord Jesus what they should do to save little Kathy. Soon they received the answer. The answer was that Dr. Judy should conduct the surgery on Kathy. They thanked Lord Jesus for showing His will to them.

The next day, Dr. Judy and her husband went to the home of the dying woman with AIDS. When they went inside the home and saw the dying woman, both of them were shocked. The dying woman was none other than Sally who was the roommate of Judy in the girls' dorm in high school. Judy did not have any enmity against Sally but Sally treated Judy as though she was her enemy. As soon as Sally saw Dr. Judy and her husband she was ashamed and embarrassed. Sally told Dr. Judy and her husband to go away from her house. "Sally, no way! We are not leaving this house," Dr. Judy said and hugged Sally.

And Dr. Judy told Sally saying, "I did not come here to donate for the surgery of Kathy, but I have come here to tell you that I am going to do the surgery for little Kathy."

Hearing this Sally started weeping. Sally said, "I don't have any money for the surgery."

"You don't worry about money. I am going to do it for free."

Sally cried all the more when Dr. Judy said that. She thanked Dr. Judy profusely.

"Don't thank me!" Judy remarked.

Collin also hugged Sally and said, "Don't worry everything is going to be alright. 

Sally remembered how she tortured Judy's life in room six in the dorm in high school and what evil she talked about Judy. She recollected how she scared Judy in the toilet by pretending as the devil. Now Sally thought to herself, "I have pretended to be a devil then, but I am a devil right now who had messed up the life of Judy." Sally was crying bitterly while recollecting how she tortured Judy. It was like a small stream flowing in her bedroom because of her tears. Judy asked Sally saying, "Why are you crying so much?"

Then Sally told that she was weeping because she recollected how she frightened Judy in the toilet. She never had asked forgiveness from Judy during that time. But now she profusely asked her to forgive her for what she had done in the toilet. Judy said, "I forgive you!"

And again, Sally remembered how she caught a lizard and put it inside the pillowcase of Judy. Again she cried and said, "Please forgive me for putting a lizard in your pillow case. Sorry for being a lizard in your life."

"Don't worry of what you had done to me. I had forgiven you long time ago," Judy replied.

Dr. Judy and Sally were crying. When Collin saw them crying, he could not control his emotions any longer, so he too cried. When Joe and little Kathy saw their mommy crying along with the strangers they too started crying. Over and over again, Sally kept crying loudly and asking forgiveness from Judy. And Judy kept on saying, "I forgive you!"

Sally was so remorse because none of her previous lovers visited her when she was dying with AIDS. But here, a roommate who was treated badly by her, visited, hugged and kissed her, and was trying to do everything possible to help her. Collin and Judy gave her some money so that she could buy food for her children. And they went home. Next day, they brought their daughter Goldie and introduced little Kathy and Joe. The children became good friends.

Dr. Judy made all the arrangements to conduct surgery for little Kathy. She informed the hospital authorities that she would be doing the surgery for free and all the other expenses she would pay. She told Sally to pray to Almighty Jesus while she is doing the surgery because everything is in His hands.

The operation went on for hours and as she was doing the surgery, a voice kept telling her, "Why do you want to do this surgery? Are you out of your mind? Sally made your life a hell. Why don't you just kill her little child?" Judy knew it was the voice of Satan. And Judy said to the voice in the mind, "Get lost Satan! I am going to repay hate with love!"

The surgery was over after many hours. Slowly little Kathy recovered from the surgery. Later she was healthy again. Sally, Dr. Judy and Collin knelt down and gave thanks to Lord Jesus for the successful recovery. Happiness arrived into Sally's house once again but the happiness did not last too long. Why? Because Sally was becoming weaker and was slowly dying with AIDS. Sally knew she had just few more weeks to live because she was so weak, she couldn't even get up from the bed.

One day, when Dr. Judy and Collin went to visit her, she was crying profusely and they asked her why. "Dr. Judy," Sally said, "Probably, I will be dead in the next few days. But I am crying because I was just wondering what would be the future of little Kathy and Joe. Who would ever adopt them?"

Judy replied saying, "Don't cry anymore! Collin and I will adopt Joe and Kathy. They would be our children from now on." When Sally heard Judy say that, she started crying loudly. She hugged Judy and said, "Thank you and forgive me!" Later, Judy and Collin took Joe and Kathy home. Goldie was so happy with them.

After three days, Sally died. Collin and Judy arranged for the funeral of Sally. During the funeral service, Dr. Judy was crying uncontrollably. "Why are you crying so much?" remarked Collin. Dr. Judy replied saying, "I am crying because I am the only girl left alive from room number 6 in the girls' dorm of my high school." Collin was quiet.

"First, Fiona committed suicide, next Cynthia was murdered and now Sally is dead due to AIDS. All my three friends have died due to the consequences of untrue love. Now I know the truth of untrue love," remarked Dr. Judy. 

Judy presented a small speech at the grave side about true love.  "True love would be kind and would not leave anybody lonely. True love would not lead to drugs and prostitution. True love would not lead to common law union but to marriage. True love would be kind, enduring and lasting. True love does not take any vengeance," and saying so Dr. Judy ended her speech.

After the speech of Dr. Judy, Sally was buried. The epitaph on Sally's tombstone was as follows:

"She had died because of the consequences of untrue love. But true love shows kindness and removes all boundaries of hate and evil."