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Some Notable Dates and Events of World History from A to Z

N.B. The c. in front of dates is abbreviation of circa (Latin) meaning about. History dating notation of BC (Before Christ) & AD (Anno Domino meaning In the Year of Lord) was used without much hassle till 2000 AD.  But now in the name of political correctness, many gutless history writers are replacing BC/AD with BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) to avoid any reference to a god. Using the same logic, these history writers should change the names of certain months as they are named after pagan Roman gods, viz. Janus, Mars, Apru, Maia & Juno, and all week days as they are named after various gods, viz. Sun, Moon, Tiw, Woden, Thor, Fria and Saturn. If names of all week days and certain months can’t be replaced then BC/AD should not be replaced.  



Airplane Crash--the worst single plane crash in the history was  flight JL 123, a  Japan  747 plane that crashed in Mt. Fuji in Japan & killed 520 people

  Aug 12, 1985

Alaska purchased by US from Russia for 7.2 million dollars

Mar 30, 1867

Alexander the Great (Greek emperor) dead at 33 years, due to fever

323 BC

America named in honour of explorer Amerigo Vespucci in a map


Apartheid policy duration in South Africa


Atomic Bomb, it was first used by USA on Hiroshima in Japan 

Aug 6, 1945

Australia’s first prime minister Edmund Barton’s tenure in office


Australopithecus genus, ancestor of humans, lived in Africa according to evolution

c. 4 million BC

Aztecs settled in valley of Mexico

1200 AD

Babylon empire conquered by Medo-Persia

539 BC

Berlin Wall fell

Nov 9, 1989

Black Death (bubonic plague) reached Europe and millions dead


Bolshevik Revolution in Russia


Boston Tea Party (colonists threw cargo into sea to protest against tea tax)

Dec 16, 1773

Brazil won independence from Portugal

Sep 7, 1822

Bronze Age began

c. 3500 BC

Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama), founder of Buddhism, was born

c. 563 BC

Byzantine empire (Eastern Europe) & its capital Constantinople fallen


Cabot, John led voyage from Europe to Canada


Canada (from Huron-Iroquois word ‘Kanata’ meaning village) Confederation

July 1, 1867

Caribbean islands were introduced to sugar cane from Europe by Columbus


Catherine the Great became the empress of Russia


Charles I ( king of England), after civil war, was executed

Jan 31, 1649

Christianity began as official religion of Roman empire

391 AD

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt,  committed suicide (by snake bite according to a legend)

30 BC

Columbus sailed from Spain to Americas


Constitutional Act or Canada Act, first gave Canada as its official name


Copper Age began

c. 5000 BC

Creation of man according to Biblical history

c. 4000 BC

Cyrus, Persian emperor, decreed Jewish exiles could return to Jerusalem from Babylon (Biblical History)

538 BC

Declaration of Independence by colonists in America

July 4, 1776

Democracy introduced in Athens

c. 508 BC

Dinosaurs became extinct according to evolution

c. 65 million yrs

Earthquake, the worst (death wise) in the history was Shaanxi earthquake in China, which killed 830, 000 people 

Jan 23, 1556

England was republic during a certain period


Equatorial Guinea located in Africa gained independence from Spain

Oct 12, 1968

First person to orbit the Earth was Yuri Gagarin from Soviet Union in Vostak 1 spacecraft

Apr 12, 1961

Fleming, Alexander discovered penicillin


French King Louis XVI was beheaded on guillotine

Jan 21, 1793

Gandhi, Indira who was then prime minister of India was assassinated by Beant Singh & Satwant Singh, since she sent troops to Golden Temple

Oct 31, 1984

German Democratic Republic (East Germany) ceased as a country

Oct 3, 1990

Ghengis Khan a.k.a as Temujin, a Mongol ruler, dead

1299 AD

Gold Rush reached its climax in west US states


Great Wall in China built

214—204 BC

Gregorian calendar introduced to be used as the main calendar


Haiti earthquake at 7.0 magnitude that killed about 200, 000

Jan 12, 2010

Hegira (flight)--when Mohammad, founder of Islam, fled to Medina

622 AD

Henry VIII, king of England, became head of Church of England


Hitler, Adolf committed suicide by shooting himself

Apr 30, 1945

Horses was used for first time for riding

c. 4000 BC

Hurricane or cyclone, worst in history of world was one that devastated East Pakistan (Bangladesh now) and killed more than 500,000 people 

Nov 13, 1970

India became independent from British rule

Aug 15, 1947

Indus Valley Civilization began

c. 3000 BC

Iran—Iraq eight year war


Iron Age began

c. 1000 BC

Israel country founded

May 14, 1948

Jackson, Michael the pop star, dead due to overdose of sedative drugs

June 25, 2009

Jerusalem and Second Jewish Temple destroyed by Romans

70 AD

Judah (Southern Kingdom) annexed by Nebuchadnezzar (Biblical History)  

586 BC

Judges ruled Israel (Biblical History)

1200--1020 BC

Julius Caesar assassinated by Brutus and his friends

44 BC

Kalinga war in India, though won by emperor Asoka, yet the war bloodshed overwhelmed him to convert to Buddhism

260 BC

Kennedy, John then president of US was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald

Nov 22, 1963

Kenya became independent from British rule

Dec 16, 1963

King Jr, Martin Luther delivered his famous speech ‘I have a dream’ on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C 

Aug 28, 1963

Kuwait was invaded by Saddam Hussein of Iraq

Aug 2, 1990

Lincoln, Abraham assassinated by John Wilkes Booth to avenge his slavery abolition

Apr 15, 1865

London transport system bombed by Islamic terrorists that killed 52

July 7, 2005

Louisiana purchase completed by US from France for 15 million dollars

Dec 20, 1803

Luther, Martin nailed 95 theses on church door in Wittenberg

Oct 31, 1517

Macdonald, John became the prime minister of Canada


Madrid rail system bombed by Islamic terrorists that killed 190

Mar 11, 2004

Mahatma Gandhi assassinated by Nathuram Godse for he held Gandhi responsible for creation of Pakistan and betraying the Hindus

Jan 30, 1948

Marathon to Athens distance of 40 kms was run by Pheidippides to tell the news that Marathon war was won. (This event started marathon race.)  

490 BC

Mayan Civilization declined

c. 900 AD

Middle Ages duration in history

500--1400 AD

Mohammad, the founder & prophet of Islam, died

632 AD

Moon landing first by a human in history was Neil Armstrong

July 20, 1969

Nehemiah appointed governor of Judah (Biblical History)

445 BC

New York Stork Market collapsed and millions of people lost money. This event started The Great Depression.

Oct 24, 1929

Nigeria independent from British rule

Oct 1, 1960

Netherlands declared independence from Spanish & William of Orange became the ruler


Noah and the world flood according to Biblical history 

c. 2000 BC

Northern kingdom of Israel annexed and 10 tribes exiled by Sargon II the  king of Assyria (Biblical History)

722 BC

Octavian assumed Augustus title & became the first roman emperor

27 BC

Olympic games first held at Olympia. (Prize was a crown of olive leaves)

776 BC

Ottoman empire ended


Patriarch Abraham & his family left Ur to go to Canaan (Biblical History)

c. 1800 BC

Paul the Apostle & Missionary beheaded by emperor Nero of Rome

64 AD

Pearl Harbour in Hawaii attacked by Japan

Dec 7, 1941

Peter the Great ruled Russia


Pyramid (the Great one at Giza) completed

c 2500 BC

Qianlong became emperor of Qing dynasty in China


Qin dynasty in China founded by Shi Huangi

221 BC

Quebec Act introduced recognizing rights of French Canadians


Rahaman, Abd the Muslim ruler was defeated by King Charles Martel

732 AD

Red maple leaf  included on national flag of Canada from this day onward

Feb 15, 1965

Reign of Terror in France led by Robespierre; More than 17,000 people were beheaded on guillotine


Renaissance (rebirth of art & learning) reached its zenith in Italy


Revelation the last book of Holy Bible was written (Biblical History)

95 AD

Saul crowned as king of Israel (Biblical History)

1020 BC

Seven Years War--Austria, France, Russia versus Britain, Prussia


Six-Day War in which Israel defeated Egypt, Jordan & Syria; Israel captured Gaza, Golan Heights, West Bank & whole Jersusalem

June 5-10, 1967

Slave Trade started from west Africa to Americas

c. 1530

Soccer, the first world cup held in Uruguay and host nation won the cup


Socrates, the life of  the Greek philosopher

c. 469--399 BC

Solomon dead: Israel divided into 2 kingdoms (Biblical History)

922 BC

Stonehenge built in England

c. 2800-2000 BC

Tanzania won independence from British rule

Dec 9, 1961

Tasman, Abel explored Tasmania and South Island


Thirty Years War--Bohemian nobles against Catholic rulers--started


Treaty of Westphalia ended the 30 years war


Trojan War where Mycenaean soldiers hid in wooden horse gifted to Troy

c. 1250 BC

Tunisia won independence from France

Mar 20, 1956

Uganda became independent from British rule

Oct 09, 1962

UNO founded

Oct 24, 1945

US Civil War between Northern & Southern States


USSR ceased to exist officially along with Cold War

Jan 1, 1992

Victoria, the queen of England, was crowned as empress of India


Vienna, Treaty of; It gave Cape, Ceylon, Malta, Caribbean French islands to Britain


Virginia the first colony to use the African slaves


Waterloo Battle in which Napoleon was defeated by duke Wellington

June 19, 1815

Watt, James invented the first steam engine


Western Europe empire fell

476 AD

Wheel invented by Sumerians of Mesopotamia

c. 3500 BC

Writing invented in form of cuneiform by Sumerians of Mesopotamia

c. 4000 BC

World Trade Centre, New York, destroyed by Islamic suicide terrorists using airplanes. Almost 3000 killed

Sep 11, 2001

World War I between Allies and Axis countries; Reason—Murder of archduke Franz Ferdinand by Princip in Saravejo


World War II between Allies and Axis countries; Reason—Invasion of Poland by Hitler


Xerxes I (Ashuerus) reign as Persian king (He made Esther as queen)

485--465 BC

Xiaoping, Deng’s tenure as president of China


Yalta Conference held to divide Germany

Feb 4-11, 1945

Year of Revolutions, so called due to revolts & protests in most of Europe


Yom Kippur War in which Egypt & Syria attacked country of Israel

Oct 6, 1973

Zambia gained independence from British rule

Oct 24, 1964

Zhou dynasty reign in China

1027--256 BC

Zimbabwe won independence from British rule

Apr 18, 1980

Zwingli, Ulrich started Protestant Reformation in Switzerland