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"It is sublime to hear people talk about tonnes of love but it will be more sublime to see them put at least one gram of love in action." Dr. Jonah

Most problems of human life are discussed  and possible solutions  are recommended.

All of us had, have and will have problems in life. Problems have become integral part of our lives. We cannot run from problems but we have to face them.

When one overcomes problems, there is probability that they will recur. There will be new problems in life. Different people may have different problems or the same type of problems.  Sincerely, I have presented the many possible solutions to different problems and have dealt with treatment and management of various health problems. I have also used logical reasoning and references from books to help in finding solutions and management of problems.

I have divided Solutions into Non-Spiritual Solutions and Spiritual Solutions. If readers don’t like spiritual solutions they need not read them. Some problems have Non-Spiritual solutions only.   Having said that, some other problems have only Spiritual Solutions.

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